A Lot Like Love

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It was a known fact that the Parks have arranged their children in an arranged marriage. Park Chanyeol would be married to non-other than Byun Naeun. But when Naeun runs away and leaves the Parks with an empty promise – the Byuns have decided that maybe Baekhyun would be better off to stand in her place.

“What the actual fu-”

“Language, Baekhyun-ah.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a boy – with boy parts mom. I’m not going to be able to procure a child in any case.”

“You can always try adopting.”

“Not helping dad!”

“It’s final. We’ll meet the Parks.”


pairing: baekyeol

title: a lot like love

words: 10,256

chapters: 1/1

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decided to post another story bc i  can't get enough of arranged marriage au's!

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