Doyeon and Yoojung begins growing distant due to their remarkable differences.

Arguably the most shipped couple to come out of the nationwide phenomenon, that is Produce 101, Dodaeng has been ever since regarded to come in a pair. 

However as their friendship dwindles, Doyeon and Yoojung struggles to keep up the facade so as to keep the public’s most beloved ship sailing. 


An angst tale of friendship.


Doyeon & Yoojung didn't have much in common. They could also be described as polar opposites. Tall and short. y and cute. An extrovert and an introvert. Someone who confronts the issue face-front and someone who buries it inside. 

Now if they were to think about it, the only reason that led to them becoming friends is the circumstances that they were placed in.

They were both trainees in the same company and were of the same age. They were both selected to participate in the new reality show in a cut-throat competition among 99 others. They grew reliant on each other as the competition progressed, especially as their fellow Fantagio trainees began falling under the axe, one by one. They both made it into the final line-up to debut as the nation's chosen girl group, Ideal of Idols. They had new members to depend on. Until they didn't anymore. They fell back on to each other as they returned to their company and resumed their demoted status. Their similar experiences holding them together.

But time had passed, people had come and gone, and conflicts had arisen.

And they wonder if circumstances were different. If they were to have met in another way. In a classroom full of same-aged students. As trainees from different companies in that competition. Would they have found each other? Would they have become friends at all?

The differences that they had initially brushed aside, slowly accumulated until it poked out like a sore thumb, that they couln't just overlook it anymore.

They were two different persons, but were they TOO different?


Format clarification:
Chapters are written in PAST tense and PRESENT tense.
Present tense in the story in the current continuum. While past tense explores and gives insight as to what went wrong.
Let me know if this format is too confusing!!



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galaxystruck #1
Chapter 3: Authornimm i need more dodaengg. i love your story so muchh
sonedbskpanda #2
Chapter 3: it's really realistic and i feel the characters too woah it's been long since i last read a story this good
sonedbskpanda #3
Chapter 3: fwefehfueh this story is damn good
choiyoodaeng801 #4
Chapter 3: wow doyeon jelaous ? hull~the begining of this cz doyeon jelouse kkkkk
Chapter 3: I. love. every. sentence. of. this. story.
Thank you for writing <3
YoodaengStan #6
Chapter 3: wow ~ so they are like this because doyeon was jealous? :o
may i ask you something about the vlive, what is the number? it's because i can't really recall a vlive with yoojung and seojung (say), instead this chapter reminded me of the vlive with yoojung and soeun (lina)
Chapter 3: So the beginning of this mess is.. J E A L O U S Y ~
Chapter 3: Damn the feeling :') even i could feel the pain from here. DoDaeng-ah, don't fight for too long.
YoodaengStan #9
Chapter 2: this seems so real ~ thank you for this update! this story is gold! it's easy to understand the timelime but the detail with the colors make it easier! thank you
Kchuang6 #10
Chapter 2: I'm so glad you updated!! Again like everyone else's comments I love the realism that you're incorporating and I really look forward to reading more because the way you switch perspectives and time lines make this more than just fan fiction but a story about how two people are learning more about each other and discovering themselves in the process