It's been several years since Hoseok passed away in an accident, and Minhyuk can't help but feel a little lost without him. Despite Kihyun trying to support him, some days it just feels like too much.


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Chapter 1: Beautiful story, it brought out many emotions from me and I liked it. Thank you so much for writing this story, it was great!~
OppaIsWaitingForMe #2
Chapter 1: Wtf this is sad ;(( BUT I LOVE THE ENDINg ;( at least it was a happy ending... right? Ty AN for this bootiful story $-$ I loved it and im sure those who read it (but didnt comment) sure loved it too :')) its alright, maybe some if them dont have accounts <like me when I first got into aff. Please write another monsta x fanfic? If u werent busy ofc @-@" i'll always support u ^^; <3
Hyungmonstax #3
Chapter 1: Yes minhhuk please don't leave the poor kid alone he needs u as u need hoseok