Genre : Magic, Friendship, Action, Sci-fi, Romance, Rebellion

“A thing happens around me was spectacular for any reason. Just how can my life turned upside down like this.” – JK

A cold-hearted person meet up a stubborn-head girl cause a stir in the world. Just how devastating it can be no, it was a catastrophe. A boy from another realm meets up a girl from another dimension. Their world just collided and everything was a train wreck.

“Well I got to say that boy is completely mental. Just how come he’s the golden boy in the school? ” – Hyemi

A complete disaster occurs at Valkyrie High School. A girl who is a complete mess and A golden boy who is a peculiar.

“Wow… I think the 3rd great world war will start at our school” – Jimin

“I think so Jimin, just how cold Jungkook will be. He even ignores me. his very own best friend.” –Taehyung

This story centres on Jungkook life where he started to learn the truth about himself and the others. Awaken the truth about trainwreck and discover the whole new side of the world. Hyemi is a new student from London. She's all mystery to Jungkook. Learn things so fast and act older than her age. Their first met was a disaster.


The entire story plot is basically coming through with my imagination. If it turns out the same with other storyline, I deeply want to tell you, Im sorry. But I'll try as possible to just write up this story based on my imagination and daily happenings in life. I’m sorry if there’s too much grammar mistake. I’m not that good expressing my thoughts but I will learn to do well. Don’t forget to say what’s on your mind. No harsh comments and spoiler isn't allow. I will possibly try to make this story exciting and update as much as I can do. Nice sharing with you. Enjoy. Please Upvote and Subscribe to continue reading.

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