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we're based on a strike system. 3 warnings equal a strike, 3 strikes and you're out. be respectful to everyone. no biased replies, cliques will not be tolerated. don't create unnecessary drama, if you have any unresolved issues with a member, settle it in dms or dm base about it so we can help to find a solution. we don't tolerate OOC here. if you want to talk about what you're doing for the day, please alter it in a way that fits your fc. timeline is pg-16. no rated tweets or gifs in tl, all goes in dms. no excessive retweeting of indirects or fan stuff, and do not flood with mentions and quotes when tl is active. all relationships are allowed after both parties have been with us, for at least 4 days and have 400 tweets. this rule does not apply to move-in couples. newcomers must reach 77 tweets upon arrival. characters changes are limited. tcc lasts 24 hours, you have to wait 1 week between each tcc. same rules applies as cc, you must wait 2 weeks upon your arrival. being inactive for 2 days is considered as a kickout. if you get kicked out and wish to reverify, you have to tweet 77 times in 24hrs again. hiatus up to a week, sh lasts two weeks and same rule applies to them. password is a word that best describes you. also, most importantly, have fun and welcome home!
how to join?
do make sure that your desired character that you wish to roleplay is available. if not, check out our wishlist if you need help. once you're ready to go, comment below along with the password. you have 24 hours for your reservation, do not make your account before the admins accepts you first. username format is soi(idol) or (idol)soi, no uppercase or numbers, lowercase only. follow the admins and mention the base (@soignetwt) to be verified.
apink. naeun.
afterschool. nana.
blackpink. jisoo. lisa. rose. jennie30.
bts. taehyung. jimin29. jungkook30.
exo. sehun.
f(x). krystal.
got7. yugyeom.
gfriend. eunha30.

kard. bm.
loona. hyunjin.
monsta x. wonho.
nct. mark.
red velvet. seulgi.
seventeen. hansol. joshua. wonwoo. mingyu.

vixx. hyuk30.
wjsn. bona. seola. eunseo. chengxiao29.
hansol. gfriend's sowon & umji. gugudan's nayoung & soyee. dia's yebin. pristin's eunwoo. wjsn's xuanyi. clc's yeeun. april's naeun. wjsn's soobin. 
rose. got7's jaebum. dean. ikon's bobby
hyunjin. loona.
krystal. lee jongsuk and complete fx.
eunseo. complete wjsn.
doyeon. astro's eunwoo to l*ve her. complete seventeen. ioi esp yoojung. nam joohyuk. exo's chanyeol and yixing. 
lisa x jisoo. married . 032316 
matthew x nana. dating . 031416
joshua x bona. dating . 011117
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fadedrumor #1
clc's yeeun.
momotwiceee #2
iteen's yoojung please!
gfriend's eunha please.
catalyze #4
vixx's hyuk please.
httpdaejae #5
mx's wonho, please!
aestheticmumble #6
bts's jungkook
wrathing #7
bp's jennie please
bts jimin
vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv chill
wjsn's chengxiao
yes oppa > _ < i'm shy 24/7 ok i admit i'm not the fully-shy grill but hey i can be shy at times so deal with it.
Kard Jiwoo