Love Me or Hate Me

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Somi likes Doyeon too much and annoys her to gain her attention. Doyeon is too dense to notice that Somi is just seeking her attention, and thinks Somi is trying to make her life impossible. Meanwhile everyone in the IOI dorm just watches their drama.


I got this idea because I miss dosom's interactions so much, and happy late 1 year anniversary of IOI. Please enjoy, and tell me if you notice any grammar mistake.

(Not an update, just editing)


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Chapter 1: This was so cute! I like how the story progressed.
Lmao, did not know the kiss was an actual moment until I read the comments.
Chapter 1: Man, I’m going emo again lmao. I both loved and hated how much closer they got when it was nearing d-day, gosh I miss them so much.
Please write more dosom fic..I really love your stories and this pairing TT..<3
Chapter 1: Awee dosom so cute
Pikkyyul #5
Wow dosom is rare.Thank you
Lee_Taeyeon14 #6
Chapter 1: I miss them TWT , thank you so much much for writing this! I hope you can make more!!
Chapter 1: I miss these violent s. They were so fun to watch.
Chapter 1: Dosom.... T__T i miss them badly, and thankyou so much for writing this! Wish u could write Dosom more.
Chapter 1: dosom is but cute couple