The Office


Chanyeol went to EX-0 Corp. to pick up his roommate, Baekhyun, but he didn't expect to find Baekhyun's boss while strolling the office halls.


This is just a short story that popped in my head. CEO!Soo is a guilty pleasure of mine. Haha

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exoforever259 13 streak #1
Chapter 3: Aww this is so cute!
safarisunset #2
Chapter 3: Chanyeol’s really cute here!!! I like the idea of Kyungsoo constantly being in a suit and being a CEO. And Baekhyun playing matchmaker for the two of them is a nice touch as well.
-Angisoo- #3
Chapter 3: Beautiful fanfiction ... ... I LOVE CHANSOO
chanbaeksoomin #4
Chapter 3: This fic is so adorably sweet! Thank you for this author-nim ٩(♡ε♡ )۶
chezle #5
Chapter 3: Kyaaaaaa that was adorable
gaviotta1 #6
Chapter 3: That was so cute and sweet i liked it !!!!!
[deactivated] #7
Chapter 3: This is more than okay. Sweett and i love itttttttt
yeolkyung #8
Chapter 3: Loving this so much. Ceo kyungsoo is attractive like so much. Love love love. Please write more chansoo. ^^
chansoolove #9
Chapter 3: okay? IT'S MORE THAN OKAYYYY
This is super fantastic and I'm starting to fall in love with boss!Kyungsoo :")
and Baekhyun you did it again xD
upiek8288 #10
Chapter 3: Fufufu.. baekhyun as fairy who get them together..

Thank you for a nice story...