My Neighbour, Bangtan Boys

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Kim Dahyun

She seems just like any other girl. An 18-years old high school girl with a cute face,and bubbly+clumsy personalities. However, no one knows the dark secret hidden behind her bright appearances. She lives alone, peacefully all by herself in a small apartment located in a secluded neighbourhood until seven guys move into the house next to hers.




Bangtan Boys aka BTS

The uprising kpop boyband, in both South Korea and worldwide. A group of seven dorky, humble guys. All of them have their own personalities. They started from bottom, and able to achieve all the fame with their hard work. However, a sasaeng incident caused them to move to a new place, and led to a meeting with the lonely girl next door.



Meeting you was fate,

becoming your friend was a choice,

but falling in love with you was beyond my control.


Hey guys!


It is my first time writing in AFF, so forgive me if my writing is sloppy huhu.




I'm trying really hard so that i can post chapter 7 tonight. Pray for me please!

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NekoRin-chan 0 points #1
Chapter 12: Kiyowooo :3. How dahyun and Jungkook interact is sooooo cute
19 streak #2
Chapter 11: Welcome back. Thanks for the update.
Is there anybody who can put sana into place? She needs to stop. She even made jenny uncomportable.
Charlene03 #3
Chapter 10: You updated! (gasp) and good luck on your exams!
Charlene03 #4
Chapter 9: Please update, this is amazing! :)
Chapter 9: I had to finish my work so ended up finishing late, but dang, this is so cute!!!! I'm looking forward for the next chapteeeers~ I'm team vhyun kekekekeke but my crackship yoongdub <3 <3 <3
k_pop_lover_89_91 #6
Chapter 9: Thank you for updating :)))))))
and Happy Birthdayy!!!!
19 streak #7
Chapter 9: Oh gosh! Update. Thank god. I've been waiting for so long. But the wait is so worth it because this is so freaking cute. I am smiling like crazy.
joannamarie #8
Chapter 8: This is a super cute story aw
Chapter 4: Bwahaha.. I can't imagine Sana hating Dahyun.. but nah.. its a fiction so let me imagine they really hate each other.. hahahaha..
Chapter 7: Ahaha kook seems protective towards dubu