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We Are All Mad

group info

group name CHESIRE
# members 7
label Southclub Ent

D. date April
D. song Study

D. SONG 2 Fire

fanclub Rabbit

(Warning, contain )

author's note

(2017.Jan.17) hello its my first time making an applyfic so forgive me if I made a mistake, if I did, please be my kind mentor and reader. This story will be dark so if you want to stay innocent, don't apply here... Also my character will take a position in the fic so I'll choose 6 more applicant.
Its just a fiction, ideas originally from myself, if its similar, it might be a coincident. Credit to the layout owner and picture owner.





After debut for 2 years, a 10 members girl group, Chesire from a small company called Blackcat Ent met a deadend. After spending so much money for their trainee and idols, they ran out of money and left a lot of debt. The CEO runaway and left them all hanging with only a string of hope. Chesire can be called a failed project, they are just nugus with mainstream concept and songs, therefore, its even harder to survive without the support of a company.
The problem worsen when only the three maknae of the group scouted by other company because they're still fresh and left the 7 older member struggling. When they're almost give up, one of them found the way to survive.


The story is about 7 girls who would do anything to be famous. They have strong bond of friendship, they are far from trying to be egoistic or competing to be the most popular. They struggle together and promise to help each other. Their motto is to never be forgotten and no one left out.

Chesire who struggle change their concept from cute pastel concept to a more daring and full of charisma with highly produced music. No one feel suspicious about it because they thought its from Taehyun's saving and loan and no one dared to write an article about them including dispatch. Only one or two know about it but they've been given money to shut up and a little threat since strong mans are behind this group.

This story will contain as this story is about sugar daddys who help Chesire survived, but I won't put 35 years old or older man in this fic UNLESS you requested it.


Chesire : The cat with creepy smile, some people belive he's a cutie cat                but some people might find him dark

Rabbit : The one who makes Alice (read: success) meet the Chesire cat

Southclub ent : The label that Nam Taehyun build, basically he is the                                 CEO


Cat power
Cat dream


Innocent time
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Debut with small production cost and mainstream concept, Chesire tried to pass the public demand and get recognition.

Their only way to be known is to be cheerful, friendly and great talent also their visual.

Too bad, they didn't promote themself very well. Their music is catchy but the public too busy with other highly produced group. Their music aren't going well is also the reason they never appear on tv other than music show. 
They comeback every 6 months for 2 years and have a total of 2 singles and 2 mini albums.

We are all just mad

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After they found the way to success, they use all the money to buy a good music and upload an MV that's produce by famous producer.

From pastel to neon, they change their concept 180 degrees. They let out their charisma and talent. Their concept is either misterious or dreamy. There is a posibility of concept changing.

With their fame, they could appear in any shows they want. Many brand ask them to do advertisement and they could appear as cameo. They also able to do solo debut and sub group.
"One's Smile is Very Alluring"
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