The day...


I'm preparing foods for this special day.This is our fourth-anniversary of my girlfriend ,UEE. I know I'm not good in cooking but for her ,I will do my best to cook her favorite food. I asked for help to my friend,an owner of a restaurant.And after all,I've made it perfectly. I am into the finishing touch and I will prepare it to table...

The door opens...

"Is that UEE?She came home early unexpectedly.Maybe she is so excited just like me".

I go to sala to meet her.

"Hi dear!How's your day?Happy..." .I was about to greet her when she suddenly slap me.

"For what is that?". I asked her. I can't remember anything that I made wrong,especially for this day.

"For what is that?Don't you know it?Denying again?". I see in her eyes that she is really mad.

"Denying for what?I'm not denying. I don't have any reason to do it so."

"Shut up!Don't make a fool on me."

"Please,calm down.Don't you remember this day? Can we celebrate this peacefully?"

"Peacefully?It seems you are telling me that I'm the one that is wrong."

"What is it,that made you mad at me?"

"You want to know?"

"Yes,of course I want to know.What do you want?Letting me like this,like a stupid,thinking what i've done wrong without any idea either?"

"Oh yes!All the boys are like that,even they caught in the act, they keep on denying as if they don't know!"


UEE went to her room.I went to kitchen and finished what I'm doing a while ago.

I'm waiting for her to come down.It's almost past in the afternoon when she went out of her room.

"Babe,where are you going?Would you like to eat these foods that I prepared?"

"I'm going outside with my friends.Don't wait for me."

It feels like my heart turns cold.I'm only dreaming for a perfect celebration and a perfect timing to give her my surprise.I've palnned everything but in one glimpse,it fades.I want to know,I really want to know that thing.


We always quarrel as if it is the biggest percentage we have in our relationship.

I always made her cry.I don't want to see her like that. What should I do? I thought of breaking up on her, but is it the right thing to do? I don't think so, but if ever, I would like her to break up on me instead.


Waiting...waiting...waiting.I'm still waiting for her. It is past midnight, I almost done with this bottle of wine, I ate only the bread, no sign of touch on the foods. I'm just toasting with myself with a glass of wine, thinking she is with me. I'm almost down.

Wait, I hear someone opens the door.

"Maybe it's her." I hope she's ok right now so that we can now celebrate.

"I can't se anything, because the light is turned off, I forgot to open it hours ago. I turn it on and it hurts my eyes because of its shine.(Haha laugh , I just laughed  on myself) I feel strange, It seems there are two people upstairs.

"Is she invited her friend to sleep in here tonight?I need to offer them a food."

I heard two voices murmuring to each other. But it's not a voice of a girl,it'''s a voice of a guy. I hurried to open the door of UEE's bedroom.

"Hey you!What both of you doing here?"

There are burglars here in the house.

"Shut up you man!",said the one burglar. I saw him holding a knife.

I tried to move backward and I heard the other guy said: "Make him silent!"

I know what he is talking about. I run downstairs to escape, I'm in front of the door when I felt stab behind me. One, two,three and more stabs i felt. I can't move my body, I see blood, I don't even feel the pain. All i want to do is to tell UEE what happened to me. I call her in her phone but she's not answering.



"Uee, Eli is calling, you like to answer this?"

"For what, Kahi?I told him already not to wait for me."

"What's the problem with both of you now?

"I saw him in the mall with a girl."

"Did you ask him if who was that girl?"


"Maybe, she's a friend of Eli."

"I don't know."

"It's the 4th anniversary of both of you and you chose to be like this today?"

"It's his fault."(sad)

"Wait, that girl.(looking to someone behind Kahi)

"What?(facing back)"

"That was the girl I saw with Eli."

"She's the owner of this restaurant. Did Eli prepared foods for you? maybe he asked for the help with that girl."


I think she will not answer me no matter how many times I'll call her. I don't think if I can survive with this, I'm almost out of blood, feel dizzy  and tired. Do I need to say goodbye to her right now ? I don't want, I want to say sorry to her personally and greet her ---"Happy 4th  anniversary…."


Eli prepared food for me. Am I unfair for acting rude towards him? I know it's our anniversary but I forgot about it because of this jealousy."

To  enlighten myself, I personally walk to talk to that girl, the  owner of the restaurant.



"Hi, What can I do for you?"

"May I ask if you know Eli Kim?"

"Oh yes, I know him. He's a friend of mine. Why?"


A man disturbs us…

"Hi dear(towards the girl), are you ready to go home?"

"Yes dear, wait for me in your car. I will go after this."


"Where are we?(to me)"

"Ah , Is he your boyfriend(referring to the guy)?"

"Yeah , my fiasco actually. May I know who you are?"

"Oh sorry, I'm Uee ,Eli's girlfriend."

"It's you, are you with him right now?"


"Oh I see, so how's the food?"

" The foods here in restaurant?hmmm… it's great."

"I know that, thank you. But I'm referring to the foods we, Eli, cooked . If only you know how much Eli worked hard to make your favorite  food. He really happy while working with it."

I become speechless.

"I need to go now. He's waiting for me."

"Oh yeah sure, Thanks for the time, Nice to meet you"

"Same with me. Bye!"


My mistake. It's my fault. I have to say sorry to Eli. But I can't face him now.


Beep…beep (phone ringing)

*a message from Eli*

"Uee,Eli texted you."


I need to go home now. I'll face it. I will ask for forgiveness.


I'm on my way home and I forgot about Kahi and also my phone.


"(sigh)What's up with her? Excited to go home? And she forgot her phone and especially she left  me here alone?Ok, I know, that's Uee."

"Maybe I can read this message.Almost 10 messages?"


from Eli


We've been through a lot of trials especially in our relationship. We keep on holding on and fighting for our love. I know we always have misunderstandings. I always  make you crying and I can't blame you coz I know, you're just a girl. If I made mistakes before and for the reason that you're mad at me now, I'm very sorry.  Maybe this is the last time I'm going to tell you this... I love you. I don't want to hurt you anymore so I'll break up on you to stop it all. You can't see me anymore ,  but I hope not. I promise you that my love is always for you.


"What does he means about this? I need to tell Uee about this"


"What's this? Heavy traffic?(groan)Not now,pls."


(Ambulance Siren)


Emergency. I follow the Ambulance by my eyes and for no reason I felt strange. My eyes opened wide when I saw its' destination is in our  apartment. I run fast…tears falling down my cheeks and I don't know what I'm feeling right now. I have a heavy feeling(sigh)I don't know.



I'm in front of our apartment. Police, Inspectors and Ambulance crew were inside. And what the heck is this! I saw blood! I can't barely move  my feet. I want to know what happened and…and where's Eli?

"Poor guy, what's on with that burglars to made this to him?" I heard the owner of the house said this. Cold wind covers me up as the tears falling down that I can't help to stop it. I go over  inside and found a guy lying on the ground, blood all over him.


"Eli? No it's not you, I know it's not you.(voice trembling)" I keep on convincing  myself that It wasn't Eli.


"Ma'am , you are not allowed inside", said the police.

"And why? I'm renting this apartment!" I shout to him.

" I'm sorry ma'am. So you know this guy *pointing to a guy lying on the ground*?"


I slowly look to the guy. Though I don't want, I need to make sure it wasn't Eli.


I am on shock and tears continuously  falling down, now I know it was Eli… I want to cry out loud but no words coming out on my mouth. I go  beside him and look at his face. I know I can't do anything to revive him. He's already gone. The guy I used to love for 4 years, the one who  always cares for me, my protector, my best friend and my lover… now he's gone. Why for this day? I hate what I've done to him today. No last  words? No goodbye? I don't know if I can still go on with my life. He's the family I have and now I'm alone, again.

My eyes blurred out and as I felt I was falling, I'm holding his hand.


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Wonapham #1
Nice story number has its advantage ;)
Your story link is 123456! Sorry for being random and weird!
sweetestlisa #3
Chapter 2: omg my tears are fallin ㅠㅠ
lol ㅠㅠ
123456. lol.
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i love eli-uee pairing...!!!
update soon....
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