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Hello and Welcome to Lazy Graphic Shop!
The charity(?) graphic shop where you can get a cover and/or background for your fanfic!


Hello! Nice to meet everyone!


This is a one person shop, just me doing this for fun when I have time. Despite being called a Lazy shop, I will try to make a cover that fills all your requirements.


I would say my style is more suited for fantasy, romance and angst, but I am always willing to try new things.



Please subscribe to find more details, samples and Rules.


As described this is a charity shop so I don’t expect any form of payment (Karma),but I wouldn’t mind taking donations!


Current Requests

Lies and Promises - RagdollAlice23

Limit of Desire - Akari_kun

Between the Stars [and you] - DyoBaoziYoda

Love Killer - beautiful_goddess


!!! Attention!!!

I am going to be busy for the next month.

You may still send your request

but it will take a bit longer.


Please check out my Graphic Gallery for posters that need owners:)



I am slowly adding all my posters to my album so please check it out!



Kurogane Art Studio ♠ Graphic Shop ♠

Dazzle Graphics Shop

TIMELAPSE™ Graphic Shop ft BTS


I just realised that Lazy Graphic Shop turned 1 year old not too long ago!

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Chapter 1: Happy birthday to your graphic shop! ^_^
Silly question, but I thought I should ask before requesting. I see that you're not really into making posters for rated M stories. Is it in general, of certain types of content? I'm currently looking for a poster for a rated horror/thriller rated M BTS story.
94 streak #2
Chapter 171: Happy Birthday!!! This is a great shop that deserves so many recognization!! :)))
Chapter 171: Happy birthday to the Lazy Graphic Shop!! That's crazy one year has passed already!!! I'm so glad you came across my wall and recommended this shop!! I'm never disappointed!! ???
whr do i request? ^-^
cutelittledongsaeng #5
Chapter 167: Thank you for the amazing poster!! Totally loving it!!
94 streak #6
i've requested! Thank you :)
Windeby #7
I’ve collected my wonderful poster. Thank you! ^_^
94 streak #8
hello! I've requested for a poster for my story, Begin Again, before :)) I'm wondering if it's okay to request a quick banner??
165 streak #9
Chapter 61: i like this one
Requested once again! ^_^