Jin Valentine's special


it has been a long day at hot topic. Why had you agreed to this job again. Oh yeah to take up the time for when Jin your boyfriend was out of town. You let out a sigh as you see a make with a cap on. Well time for business. You let him walk around the store and if he needed help you was at the ready. He looked to know what he was doing. He walked over to the pokemon and picked up and evee. Your favorite pokemon. You looked away not wanting him to think you was stalking as you waiting at the counter. You turn around to fix some things behind the counter and when you turned around you was met with your one and only boyfriend holding the evee. He was smiling as he looked at you. "Y/n happy Valentine's day baby" he said paying for the evee and handing It to you. You was shocked. You thought he was busy with the comeback but him being here says other wise. "They let me off work for you baby. And i talked to your boss he said you can take the rest of the day off and he will fill in for you" he said smiling. You let tears fall as you run around the counter and hug him kissing him deeply. "I love you so much seokjin." You said as he grabbed your hand and led you to a day of joy. 

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