GRIM REAPER: personification of death|UPDATE 2

grim reaper: personification of death

It was a very hard time for hyukjae to accept that the old guy now leaves the earth but he knows that even how loud he cried and even he shed gallons of tears he can’t bring the old guy’s life back, he keeps insisting that it was him who should have died, and even if how many times siwon comforts him and tell him that the old guy is happy to help him he can’t help but feel bad which intensifies every time the innocent girl would ask him about the old guy. 

Hyukjae felt very useless because instead of telling the girl the truth and letting her accept the fact that her father wont comeback, hyukjae will just sit in the corner eyes starting to water and thoughts all gone. You can’t blame him, the old guy is the very first person who make hyukjae feel of having a father, it was just a month or two of being together though he felt like he’s been with the old guy enough to love him as a father. 

Seeing hyukjae breakdown, the little girl can’t help but feel bad which makes hyukjae guiltier, by this we all know that hyukjae would never be ok, he’s messing his own life in the very best way. Siwon, despite of being so caring towards hyukjae can’t help either, it was always hyukjae who could cure himself and siwon is just a little push.

“hyukjae, aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You’re making this too hard for you.” Siwon said one day when hyukjae started to remember the incidents. “aren’t you shy? The little girl should be the one crying and not you, you’re taking her moment.” Siwon continued, it seemed that hyukjae will never respond. “it should be her that you should comfort and not the other way around. And besides its been a week since the burial if you continue crying like that and not freeing him his soul will just suffer.” Hyukjae looks up it his red tearing eyes. Siwon hissed at the very worthless expression in hyukjae’s face. “quit acting as if he’s the only driver in the world.” Hyukjae snapped at siwon’s words.


“NOW YOU KNOW, IF BY THAT VERY SHORT TIME YOU FEEL LIKE HE’S YOUR FATHER THEN WHAT IS HE TO THE LITTLE GIRL. HYUKJAE YOU’RE BEING SELFISH.” Siwon shout as well. He didn’t mean his word earlier, he knows that the old guy is not just a driver, he knows that he’s especial. He’s loved. But siwon needs hyukjae to wake up. He hold on hyukjae’s shoulder shaking him as he put stress in his every word, and he can’t help but tear as well. Seeing this, something snapped at hyukjae, siwon is right. He’s being selfish and childish. He peeks at siwon’s shoulder and sees the girl looking at them with teary eyes. He pushed siwon and rushed towards the girl.

“im sorry. Im so sorry.” He cried as he hugs the girl. “I promised him that I will protect you, that I will take care of you but it seemed that you’re the one taking care of me. im sorry.” The girl puts down her plushie and brushes her small palm on hyukjae’s wet face. “I promise him that I’ll protect you too oppa. Please go back to your happy persona. Appa won’t be happy if he knows that we’re not doing our promise. So please smile again.” Hyukjae’s heart broke at the statement he just realized how childish he acted, he was so damn stupid. He looks up to the girl and beamed his ever gummy smile. “I will. I promise.” Then he dried the wet cheeks of the girl as well. Siwon smiled at hyukjae’s realization. He walks to the two and picks up the girl, he took hyukjae’s hand and they went in to the kitchen to grab something to eat. From somewhere near he’s watching and waiting for the right time to in “your time is near.” Breathes out the guy hiding from somewhere.


Before lunch time the usual visitor of hyukjae’s house came. Wearing his ever formal and well ironed polo he knocks and soon the door opens revealing the usual maid. He goes in and sits at the usual couch and wait for his reason of coming over. Minutes later.

“doctor~~” the girl he’s waiting for came rushing to him with hyukjae following close behind. “good afternoon doctor lee.” She greeted and pecks a kiss on the guy’s cheek. “good afternoon so how are you? Did you drink your medicines?” he asked then looks up to the guy in front. 

“good afternoon mr. lee, as I could see you’re better now.” Hyukjae smile shyly. He knows he acted badly towards donghae back then he must really say sorry.

Actually that was his purpose of not going to his office today. He knows that donghae would be seeing the girl for her check up and hyukjae feels the need of apologizing to the doctor for insisting that he’s fake and he’s mean but more to that he knows that there is really something fishy about the doctor and he’s itching to know it and who would be the best source of information but the guy himself so he decided not to work today to talk with donghae. “yeah im better now. Thank you.” The check up starts and ended flawless. Hyukjae told the girl to go to the kitchen and check for something to eat, and then he invites donghae to his study room/office for a private talk.

“im sorry for how I acted before.” Hyukjae said suddenly to ease the tension. He sees donghae chuckle he glared at him and the other hold his hand up gesturing that he means no harm at his laugh. “it’s ok mr. lee it’s normal.” Hyukjae sighed it’s now or never. He must be brave.
“yeah, I know it’s normal because I am normal. How about you doctor lee?” hyukjae asked bravely hands playing on his pen.

“what do you mean?of course im normal.” donghae asked innocently.

“really?”hyukjae gulp. “doctor lee, I know there’s something about you. I know it’s normal for a doctor to know whether his patient will die but your method is different and actually do you even have a method of knowing or you’re just making smart and lucky guess?” another long breath to ease the tension. “doctor lee are you really god’s messenger or a devil?” he breathes in turns to face donghae only to realize that they are face to face. ‘this is it.’ hyukjae thought. ‘he’s not ordinary, how come I didn’t feel him coming?’ donghae laugh he could see the scared expression on hyukjae’s face and due to the very close proximity hyukjae could smell the faint scent of methol from the other guy’s breathand the very light vanilla from donghae’s body. He blushed, what was he thinking?

“do you really want to know?” donghae ask and brought hyukjae back. Hyukjae gulp “yes, tell me. tell me the truth.”

“what will you do with the truth then hyukkie? Tell me why should I tell you my very important secret?” donghae smile again there is a weird feeling on his tongue when he said the word hyukkie and he likes the feeling. On the other hand hyukjae feel something fluffy when he heard donghae say his nickname. But he must be strong so he raised his hand and pushed the other’s shoulder to give space between their bodies. “you’re my DAUGHTER’S DOCTOR. I should know you before I entrust her life to you.”

“your daughter? So this means you’ll take her. Uhh~ very good heart you have mr. lee.” As much as donghae want to feel the ticklish feeling he can’t and as much as he wants to see the blush on hyukjae’s face he can’t either, hyukjae’s eagerness to know his identity is getting really into his nerves.

“don’t change the topic doctor lee, tell me. who are you?” it was no use lying, donghae knows hat hyukjae is a smart . He won’t settle for 
a very common explanation, should he tell who he is? Would it hurt him? would it cost a lot? Donghae weighs the consequences and decided to tell the truth.

“I wonder if you would believe me.” hyukjae stays silent. “im a reaper.” Then hyukjae bugged his eyes out. “im a grim reaper lee hyukjae. I take souls. And guide them either way up or down.” Donghae leans closer to hyukjae’s ears. “im not a human.” Hyukjae swallowed the imaginary lump that forms in his throat. Then there was silence. “I told you, you won’t believe me.” donghae chuckle and moves away. he turns to the door and quickly grab the knob. 

“wait!” hyukjae stops donghae. “what again mr. lee?” donghae sarcastically asked.

“how would I know you’re telling the truth?” then in a blink of an eye donghae is circling his arms on hyukjae’s waist his lips just few inches away. “I’ll show you.” Then he leans forward until his lips touches hyukjae’s, due to the sudden approach hyukjae was still in dazed and donghae took the chance to slip his tongue inside hyukjae's wet cavern. he explores and found hyukjae's tongue and it. hyukjae could feel that his soul was being taken out in every hard and sweet twirl that donghae make and the next thing hyukjae know is he’s floating. He was alone, floating like a ghost until he remember what happen earlier, he confronted donghae and then donghae told him that his a reaper, he asked for a proof and donghae kissed him, kissed him? he blush. 

Hyukjae was nervous, did donghae kill him? did he take his soul already? Is it a very wrong decision to confront donghae?

“I didn’t kill you. You said you want a proof, im just proving my self.” He heard a familiar voice. He turns his head and sees donghae wearing a white cloak, hyukjae is not expecting a white cloak to a reaper.

“hey, people are over acting. Death comes in white too.” donghae said suddenly.

“stop reading my mind!” hyukjae shouted at the realization that donghae is using powers against him. hyukjae glares at donghae but his stare soon softens as he observe how good looking of a grim reaper donghae is, he knows what a reaper is. It’s a personification of death. 

Description of reapers from movies is far from donghae. He’s too handsome and bulky he wears white and he doesn’t have a scythe, movies said that reapers are skeletons wearing black cloak and holding a very sharp scythe. Then he remembered that donghae can read minds. He looks up and saw the guy smirking. ‘he’s a reaper.’

“I should bring you back before someone see your soul-less body.” Donghae said and the next thing hyukjae knows is he’s on his bed with donghae and the girl on his side.

He blinks away the sleepiness and stares at donghae. “you still have lots of explaining to do dr. lee.” Hyukjae said and goes back to sleep. Donghae and the girl exchanged glances then chuckle.


That night hyukjae was wide awake thinking about donghae’s identity; part of him still can’t believe that creatures like him do exist. He sighed. He suddenly remembers the chaste kiss that donghae gave him; he blushed and hides his face on the pillow “I need to go to the hospital tomorrow.” He said to him self and decided he needs lots of energy so he closed his eyes and sleep.

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NaruRin #1
Chapter 13: Awww such a sweet ending fic ...I'm happy ...thank you authornim ...>____<
NaruRin #2
Chapter 9: This fic exciting...^^
NaruRin #3
Chapter 1: I'm excited already can't wait to to read the rest ... ;
haehyuk12 #4

Its soo beautiful, i love the ending~~~
Thank you for make this story.. And sorry im just comment in the last chappie..
Allinit #5
Chapter 13: wow~ this really an amazing story you are really awesome Author I loved this story so much XD
you did great job by writing an amazing story like this :D
hyukish #6
Chapter 13: kyaaaaa robi.. i remembered reading this loooooong time ago, now it's finished, well written, so congrats~ such a beautiful storyy ;)
petiteddy #7
Chapter 13: this fic was.... amazing. really, and i thought "why i can't find this earlier?" ㅋㅋㅋ i love how you put the drama so perfectly and find how to replace baby hae and siwon greatly in the end of this story. not too angsty but not too fluffy either. just perfect--love it!
vicvic123 #8
Chapter 13: Ohh it finished! I had to read the story again but algood , it's a good story. And I loved it. Congrats on finishing ;)
I just found this story a few hours ago and I just couldn't stop reading when I started. It's really well written and have a very interesting way :) I like that Donghae is the angel of death, it kind of fits him ^^ And always as innocent Hyukkie, he's just too precious and adorable <3<br />
I feel sorry for Siwon though, he keep loosing people he love :(<br />
please update soon ^^ <3