Time will tell

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No one knows what the future holds.

« I guess you didn't love me back then, did you ? »

« I did, but not anymore. »


This is my first fanfic ever and I'm quite uncertain about it. Hope you will enjoy it anyway ! Also, tell me how you feel about my writing because English is not my first language. Please do support me and don't be too harsh in the comments :-)

By the way, I won't make frequent updates. It will depend on my lack of inspiration or if I'm too busy with school. Sorry about that ! T_T Please be understanding !



(Even though I'm an exo-l, I got the idea for this fic when I was listening to BTS's new song "Spring day", you should check it out ;-) )

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Chapter 17: Jeucnrucbdudvdu b jdjdhjduchdubd is all I can say. God!! Chan and Baek need to realize they still love each other and I hope that Chan realizes that Baek still loves him by asking for an do over. And Baek not eating plus the stress he's put himself under because of everything with Chan.. ugh Baek puppy bring sick is the worst. Chan help him!!
Raya5853 0 points #2
Chapter 17: Yaaaay the update made my night! Hahaha
My heart is breaking for baekhyunnie </3 and omg the photoshoot must’ve been so freaking hot! And that cliffhanger ughhhhh >< I’m curious to know what chanyeol’s reaction would be

Thank you for the update! And good luck with your letter of motivation <3
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Chapter 17: :'o ='o x'''o GAHHH

This is..
Idk, I'm hurt :c I m fearing for Baekhyun. His cold (he's sick, right ?) might be talking for him, but we all knw that it's what he hopes, really. :c And what will Chanyeol do ?

The photoshoot was amazing to read/imagine,tbh. I wish chanbaek would do a couple photoshoot in real life too >.>

Baekhyun seems set on organizing this marriage (the dress ! nooo) but his heart's telling him otherwise >n<

Um.. what I would like to read next chapter ? Idk.. some fluff maybe ? And maybe knowing more about Mabel ?

If you go angsty, please don't make it too much :( My heart already hurts so much for them, I don't want them to suffer further more :'''o
Chapter 16: Omg! Thank you for this chapter ♥️♥️♥️ Happy valentine s dayyy!
winkdeep2910 #5
Chapter 16: Baekhyun deserves better
winkdeep2910 #6
Angst ㅠㅠ omg my heart
Raya5853 #7
Chapter 16: The interaction got me like ajhdvzvsvdbfxgsvsvxvsvs but then the last 2-3 lines hit me deep in the guts ;-;

Thank you so much for the update, as usual- I’m looking forward to the next one <3
Raya5853 #8
Chapter 15: Ohhhh things are getting heated now. And Im really curious about the rings !
Can chanyeol open his eyes for a minute? Ugh T_T

Thank you for this chapter <3
170 streak #9
Chapter 14: What an amazing story you have written here! This story has everything what a good story needs... and I like your writing skills! Although your mother tongue is French, you did a great job with your English knowledge. I‘m impressed!
After been able to read 13 chapters in one go, because I found your story just now, it‘s hard to wait for the next chapter.... Thank you for your hard work and the time you spent on writing this! Very, very well done!
Raya5853 #10
Chapter 14: Welcome baaaaack and I still get excited whenever you update lol! Thank you so much for this <3

I mean it’s really up to you, eventually, but I think you should continue it and just take your time~ ofc as long as you’re comfortable with it. Just know that I will continue reading it no matter what ;D I also think that it’s great how you can write well even though English isn’t your first language.
Tbh I’m curious to know what’s gonna happen next and what’s gonna happen to chanbaek at the end exactly