The Silver Throne

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In current times, three Kingdoms are united as the mighty Korean Empire. Silla’s Crown prince–Ji Yong and Goguryeo’s King–Jae Joong are natural enemies and the last princess of a lost Kingdom–Taeyeon, a pawn in their game. The Korean court is a dangerous place; to survive in here you need to play the game. Intrigues, betrayals, and seduction are the playing cards.







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EmmaEXID 0 points #1
Chapter 16: Jiyong is such an , i know he cares about Taeyeon but right now, he's only hurting her more and more...
Tygdlove 0 points #2
Chapter 16: Seriously im going impatient where things gone be okay with them
chaeki_sunsky 0 points #3
jiyong and taeyeon are really testing each other's (and mine's) patience
logically speaking, i can't see a happy ending for them tbh but this is fanfic universe so...
gtaewinks 0 points #4
Chapter 16: Omg update soon! Really a great fanfic this year 2017!
vippandaarmy 0 points #5
Chapter 16: so excited for next update! come on ji and taey! be each other's and stop being selfish..
ji plz don't hurt ari :(((
piipii 0 points #6
Chapter 15: Such a plot twist everywhere and i love it....
Bless your country to make you update this... kke
Gosh idk what will happen in next but im so excited
vippandaarmy #7
Chapter 15: oml jaejoong and jiyong... taey make up your mind... urghhhh gtae <3333333333333
and omg taey jiyong deserves to know the truth that its not siwon...
feel so sorry for taey tho :((( ji so scary when he's jealous T.T
MysticalDawn #8
Chapter 15: omg my poor was very interesting how jiyong thought they could be a real couple and how fast he changed...and idk how to feel about jaejoong, i feel like he's always making empty promises to taeyeon even if its unintentional and he doesnt realize it
chaeki_sunsky #9
Chapter 15: taeyeon-jaejoong is hurting my gtae heart T.T
and i can't stand taeyeon...she should just make up her mind
lol i feel jealous in behalf of jiyong and the sad part is, he doesn't know that it's jaejoong, not siwon
but jiyong should express his jealousy in a different way tho
that man is scary when he is jealous