get what you deserve


Oh Sehun is hopelessly in love with Kim Junmyeon through the lens of his camera.


The fic in which Oh Sehun can’t even attend a music show without life screwing him over.


written for my lovely friend courtney (follow her on twitter @/nomjoonie), i love her a lot and this has been rotting in my WiPs folder since July so today is the day i put her out of her misery. please enjoy my poorly cobbled together seho and find me funny. it fuels my ego.

title from: First Things First - Neon Trees

NOTE: in case you didn’t read the tags fully; unbeta-ed so read at your own peril. i am, surprisingly, human.


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againagainagain #1
Chapter 1: Love how kind seems considerate Junmyeon is here. Combined with the talent we all know he possesses I think portrayal of character is exactly what I imagine it to be. Minus the dad jokes, lol ^_^
Chapter 1: Dear miraclemin,
I have read your fic and I really love it. It was written beautifully and this is obviously one of the cutest HunHo/SeHo fics I have ever read. Hence, I would love to translate your fic into Vietnamese if you let me. I promise to send you the link once I have finished my translation. I look forward to receiving your reply.

Chapter 1: Love Seho and loved this au! Keep it up! And great story :)