When The Sun Shines


Lee Hyuk and Kim Sun Hee belong to two different worlds: he's from the violent crimes of the Gangnam Police Station; she's a struggling newbie actress  waiting for her big break. He's the angsty quiet type; she's the self-imposed sunshine. They couldn't be more different, but they couldn't be more the same either. 

Fate plays a funny trick on them as they meet in this life, clueless to the strong bond they've shared in multiple lifetimes. 



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If he was going to be very honest, Lee Hyuk didn't understand what was going on. But at the same time, he understood perfectly.

He was just in denial.

The first time he fell in love was such a tragedy (the girl left him for another man). The second time he fell in love, it was also a tragedy (the girl left him for another girl). It was then he told himself that he would stop falling in love because he was sure it would end in a tragedy.

But as he watched her run ahead, her small hand pulling him, he couldn't help but think it was possible that he might fall in love again. 

Might, that is. Not sure yet.

She had that tinkling laughter he couldn't shake off; it's the same laughter she had ever since they first met. Initially, he thought it was annoying. What kind of woman laughs like that anyway? But now, he knew there was nothing more endearing. 

Endearing? Nope. Nope. Not endearing.

They were running for their lives and it was ironic that she was laughing. He didn't care, though. But he did wonder again -- the same thought he's had ever since that first sight. 

Why does this feel so familiar?




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Debloone #1
Chapter 40: This is a gem of a story! Your writing drew me into their world. It's so hard to allude subtly yet obviously to Shin and Eun Tak, but you did it with such finesse. The cliffhangers and pacing of the story were perfect. Thank you for this wonderful work! My favourite parts were the conversations Hyuk had with his mysterious friend at the bar who always had hard-boiled eggs ;) So clever.
dreamerc #2
Chapter 40: I absolutely love this story. I started and just could not stop! It was brilliantly written and all the emotions were portrayed so well. My favourite chapters were definitely when hyuk ans sun hee were confession to each other. Totally gave me butterflies.

And the character connections and how they tied in together were integrated so well!

Looking forward to reading your other stories !
hikaru_dawn #3
Chapter 40: Thank you for this story <3 Ahhhh it wouldve been nice to have Kim Shin and Eun Tak too...thank you
hikaru_dawn #4
Chapter 13: Sunny and Lee Hyuk are cute..too cute
hikaru_dawn #5
Chapter 12: Tatt with black wings reminded me of Hotel King
Wdwdwd #6
Chapter 40: Finally had time to catch up to this. I love it. Thank you so much for the wonderful journey you brought us on. Hoping to read more from you!
Chapter 40: I finally had time to catch up on this, and boy has it definitely been a whirlwind. I'm so glad that our favorite Goblin was able to come in and save the day. Maybe one day Sun Hee will know the truth, but I think for now this is good. She's already had a lot to deal with in this lifetime, not to mention her previous lifetimes. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story with us! I don't know when I'll have the time to watch drams anytime soon, but let me know if the Water God is a good one to watch. :) Looking forward to your future stories!
joproxyjo #8
Chapter 40: Incoming late comment! Hahaha. Great work, authornim! Thank you for sticking with the story and finishing it greatly even though life is hard. <3. Hyuk remembering all "Sun"s gave me feels. He must've been beyond ecstatic. So happy for them T_T
BlueMoon42 #9
Chapter 40: Also, this is officially one of my favorite fanfictions ever :D
BlueMoon42 #10
Chapter 40: Thank you so, so, so much for your commitment to this story. Every chapter has been such a pleasure to read! The ending was beautiful, and I'm actually really glad that he remembers who they all are at the end :) You really had me scared there for a minute with her crying at the beginning of this chapter though haha...Very nicely done :) Thank you, thank you again so much!!!