My’s life is amazing…right? I mean, I have girls, friends, money and my job is exacly what I love to do, right? I've got everything I want, so what does this have to do with being Aquaman?


Ok, it’s true, girls throw themselves at me. I've got this amazing list of girl’s numbers, they’ll be there whenever I call them, I don’t even need to look good, they want me even when I look like and I have pimples because of the make-up. I'm y, and don’t you dare say I'm not, because...because...ok, because I have a low self esteem, ok? No one wants me because of my brain, sometimes I even wonder whether I've got one, ok, but does that mean I'm stupid? Does this mean I'm boring? Hell no! I can talk about a lot of different, Y company! In my company we do a lot of serious things, we have a lot of work to do and I even won the last battle with paper airplains! FREAKING SIMON LOST MUAHAHAH  AHAH  AH  ah ehm



Ok, maybe this isn’t one of the most intelligent thing I can talk about, but I'm not dumb, ok? It’s just that very single time I really like a girl I discover she lied about something, and because of that I've a lot of 2nd thoths about girls and I don’t like to think too much. Man, what if I start having wrinkles because I'm thinking too much? Nope, not gonna happen. This makes me feel frustrated.

About my friends it’s true, I've got a looot of friends, but man, their even dumber than me! Poor Kiseok even had to write a song whit his name being repeated for the whole chorus because he keeps forgetting it! God, what about the faces he makes? I'm embarrassed to say they’re friends sometimes, if he wasn’t that handsome I’d probably deny it.

 And Loco? He’s too squishy for his own good. I mean...did you see him trying to bboy? Like AHAHAHAH! But even though he looked dumb af he is too cute for Jme to make fun of him. I can only laugh in my mind, and this makes me feel so frustrated. I’d like to make fun of him, but can I really do it? No. Whenever I do that guy makes this cute face, and I want to pinch his cheeks, to hug him so tight that Loco can’t breathe, but can I do it? No, obviously I can’t, I'm a badass, y and cool guy, I can’t act all cute and stuff. This guy works for me, I have to act like a CEO. I'm a cool bboy and rapper who’s got girls and money, I've got an image to keep! But this makes me feel so frustrated.

Chase? What about Chase? Nope, it’s better if we don’t talk about that guy.


You know what else makes me feel frustrated? People who keeps saying me and Hoody are just friends. We’re not just friends, ok? I'm sure I have a chance with her, I gotta keep hitting on her and making songs with her, and then Hoody will fall for me...right? Omg, I hates it when I feel insecure!


Are they even my friends? Like...what kind of friend would feel embarrassed because I'm twerking during MY concert? What kind of friends would laugh at my lack of skills in Korean? I mean...Korean is hard! Can they even speak English? And don’t tell me I'm living in Korea so I must know Korean, that only makes me feel even more frustrated. What kind of friend would get angry for the subs I updated? Ok, maybe they’re friends, but for goodness sake, I'm the CEO! I shouldn’t even be the one uploading the subs, if they don’t suit your taste then do it yourself, freaking Ugly Duck made me so mad!

CAN YOU EVEN CONSIDER A FRIEND SOMEONE WHO CONTINUOUSLY MAKES FUN OF YOUR HEIGHT? FREAAAAKING NO! That’s the answer. I'm so frustrated. I'm not short, I'm slightly lacking in height! Are they even tall to laugh at him? Gray could easily be a friend of Papa smurf, and Loco and Dopey would make a great couple, why are they even laughing?


Sometimes I'd like to tell everyone what these guys do, see if then they learn the lesson! Gotta respect me. I've money, I'm y, I've got a company, ok? I deserve it! But then again...I'm not that dumb. I mean, I'm not dumb at all...right? God, why do I have to feel so insecure about everything? Whatever, back to the point, I'm not that CARELESS (See? It’s a completely different thing!) to tell everyone about it...I like my money, and as long as they sell well I'm good...right? Stop it, Jay, you’re best any girl would ever have!


ut really though, Chase makes me feel so frustrated! Ok, I said I wouldn’t talk about him, but now I feels like it. Is there anything more obnoxious than hearing “I need a cha cha beat boy”? Every time I hears it, it makes me feel sooo sooo sooo frustrated. Why do people keep on repeating “I need a cha cha beat boy??? I'M THE WHO’S SINGING, ALRIGHT? Why all of the freaKING GIRLS ASK ME ABOUT SIMON D? WHY GOD WHY, I'M HANDSOME LIKE A MOTHERER, EVEN WHILE WEARING PINK MASCARA, OK? WHY CAN’T THEY ACKNOWLEDGE ME? JUST WHY?! Omg, I feels so frustrated.


And with all this frustration stocked up I finally discovered my super powers: I can take all of this. I can take all of this for the sake of everyone. I just cry by himself. Being short has a lot of advantages: I can fit perfectly under his desk and cry, for exaple...and I don’t even know how I discovered this, I'm not even short. Ok?

Anyways, that’s how I got to think of this name. I cries so much he wanted to call myself “Waterman”, but that sounds so lame! One day, while crying, I remembered that “aqua” is the latin for “water”, that’s how I became “Aquaman”! Man, I told you I’m smart! 

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