a twitter roleplay
newest member: mark
please read all of them

하나 subscribing is a must but upvoting is optional

둘 don't interact with people outside the rp because this is a closed rp / also lessen the mentions! people might get buried because of it.

셋 feel free to talk about ooc as long as you use brackets for ooc talk

넷 one account per person

다섯 respect and talk to everyone. no squad / clique because we want to be involved

여섯 fail to reach 50 tweets in 24 hours will be kicked out. inactive for 2 days will also be kicked out

일곱 tl is unrated but please no nsfw pic / gif in tl. please don't cuss with racist words (n"gga, r*t*rded, etc) in tl. also no hateful / bashful / dark tweets in tl

여덟 dm base if you're leaving, cc, in hiatus, in a relationship, move-in couples, have problems with followings, etc

아홉 which admin is the nerd one?

열 love wins. dating ban is 3 days and both parties must reach 300 tweets (except for move-in couples)

열한 cc and tcc is allowed after 3 days of your last cc or tcc

열두 keep the drama into a minimum and have fun

how to join
mention base for verification

하나 only accepting k-idols, k-actors, k-models, k-ulzzangs

둘 take a look at the masterlist to see if your desired character is taken or not. also take a look at the wishlist if you can't choose a character

셋 reservation is only for 24 hours. you may reserve again if your reservation is expired

넷 comment with your desired character and password

다섯 username format is (name)nrd or nrd(name). all in lowercase / small letters. no underscore and number

여섯 if you're using a recycle account, please delete all your past tweets and followings before asking for verification

일곱 put nerd somewhere in your bio and mention base for verification

admin reserved taken

15&. jimin

2ne1. cl

actress. kikomizuhara

aoa. jimin

astro. eunwoo

bigbang. g-dragon

blackpink. rose jennie lisa jisoo

bts. taehyung jungkook jimin suga rapmon31

dia. chaeyeon02

exo. kai chanyeol baekhyun

f(x). amber

got7. mark

gugudan. sejeong

ikon. jinhwan

ioi. sohye yoojung somi

model. hanhyunmin leehaeun01

monsta x. wonho

nct. yuta taeyong doyoung taeil jaehyun mark ten

pristin. minkyung siyeon

red velvet. irene joy wendy

seventeen. wonwoo mingyu

sf9. zuho

twice. sana

wjsn. eunseo bona luda

urgent taken

yuta: nct's taeyong, johnny, jaehyun, mark lee, winwin, jeno, astro's eunwoo, actor kim minjae, pentagon's yanan, hongseok, yeoone

taehyung: complete rv, complete bts, complete nct, complete omg, moon hyuna

yoojung: complete ioi, complete wjsn, complete gugudan, monsta x's hyungwon & i.m

nayeon: complete gfriend, astro's moonbin, block b's u-kwon, got7's jinyoung, nam joohyuk

sohye: complete ioi, svt's mingyu

wonwoo: complete svt

g-dragon: bigbang's taeyang 


chani: complete sf9 esp rowoon, taeyang, zuho

amber: complete f(x), complete mamamoo

jinhwan: complete ikon, complete winner, complete block b

doyoung: complete nct, complete sf9 esp chani, inseong, hwiyoung

name x name - status - yymmdd

kai x wonho - engaged - 170115

wonwoo x sohye - dating - 170105

taehyung x jungkook - dating - 170127

suga x irene - dating - 161205

hiatus list

svt's wonwoo: jan 23 - feb 6

exo's chanyeol: jan 23 - 30 (end)

wjsn's eunseo: jan 23 - 30 (end)

gugudan's sejeong: jan 23 - 30 (end)

wjsn's bona: jan 24 - feb 7

exo's baekhyun: jan 24 - 31

ikon's jinhwan: jan 25 - feb 2

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dia's chaeyeon, please!
+ all? but if i have to choose, well, taeyeong? Dx
mczzarella #2
Ygk+'s lee haeun
All is nerd hm.
bts's kim namjoon please?
+taehyung maybe? or all-
kimb4pjiwon #4
wjsn's luda please!
+ hmMm sohye,?
shakinghxst #5
15& jimin
+ all tbvh
rv's wendy please!
+ isn't everyone a nerd deep down
mamamoo solar
+ All tbh
elysians #8
rv's yeri for me, please & thank you! ♡
+ i feel that the nerd is strong with yuta.
Ieakage #9
svt's mingyu
Myeeee #10
Reserving SF9's Zuho please

+ you all nerds