Miserable soul

I felt like screaming, but nothing came out,
I wanted to run, yet the feet did not move.
Why do you always leave me, when I'm here waiting for you?
Steady heartbeats are more rare now. 
I feel like even my heart wants to leave me and turn into stone.
You've said I'm not funny anymore, did you think why?
Next time you send text - check who might reply.
Another of your ladies, just waiting for the text.
They say I'm a player, but you constantly have .
I was so stupid, saying it's okay.
"Jiyong, of course we could just be friends".
friendship, my soul has turned into pieces.
But you don't care, your popularity increases.
One day I'll finally put it to stop.
But now I am drunk, I've gotta pass out.

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Chapter 1: can you make a story out of that? It's so niiiiiicceeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeee
ibethesunnylee #2
Chapter 1: I feel it. Our poor sweet Seungri.
peggyw #3
Chapter 1: Love your poem; heartbreaking