Best friends


“We’ve known each other for 15 years, She’s one of my closest friend, we talk to each other informally.” Yoo Seung-Ho nodded when asked about his close friend Choi Yu-Jin “We talk about almost everything.”

“Do you talk about love and give each other advices?” Park Myung-Soo asked    

“Honestly, she has no experience with love.” He replied “But she is very honest with her opinions so I listen to her opinions.”

“The PD looks like he wants you to call her.” Myung-Soo replied getting the cue “We’ve invited her multiple times but she hasn’t been able to come due to schedule conflicts.”

Seung-Ho pulled out his cellphone and dialed her number “She’s filming in Busan right now, I’m not sure if she’ll answer.”

    “Ho-ho-ho. Did something happen?” She replied “Did you dial me?” She asked

   “Wait. Don’t say anything.” Seung-Ho stammered out flustered by her response. “Yu-Jin-ah, You’re on Myung-Soo sunbaenim’ radio star.”

    There was a long pause. “Hello?” Myung-Soo asked laughing “Did she hang up?

“Hi Myung-Soo sunbaenim.” She said a bit weakly laughing. “Hello everyone! I’m Choi Yu-Jin.”

“Why did you ask if he -dialed you? Do you two not talk?” Myung-Soo asked

Yu-Jin laughed “He usually texts me if he can call me first before randomly calling me. I thought 3 things when he called me, 1. If he’s in trouble 2. If he’s drunk and 3. If he -dialed me.” She confessed

“Does he call you in these situations a lot?” Myung-Soo asked

“He doesn’t but he -dialed me twice this week already.” She replied honestly

Seung-Ho laughed. “You two are famous for hanging out together. What’s the craziest thing you two have done together?” Myung-Soo asked

“He pushed me off a plane once.” Yu-Jin replied

Myung-Soo looked at Seung-Ho in shock “We went skydiving. We’ve gone before but we always have a professional with us but this was our first time doing it alone. She started chickening out even though it was her idea to do it in the first place. I didn’t even want to go, so I gently pushed her.” He explained.

Yu-Jin laughed “It was a good thing that he pushed me or else I would have never jumped.”

“Have you ever cried in front of each other?” Myung-Soo asked

“Cried?” Yu-Jin asked “Of course especially when we were younger.”

Seung-Ho nodded “Now that I think about it, I cried in front of her almost 8 times and she only cried in front of me twice.”

“Why do you cry so much?” Myung-Soo asked. Seung-Ho laughed flustered

“He used to get beat up in middle school.” Yu-Jin replied “6 out of the 8 times was because he got beaten up.”

Seung-Ho nodded “Yu-Jin used to chase away the bullies with a broom.”

Yu-Jin laughed “Seung-Ho always shared his snacks with me so I had to protect him.”


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