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A cute and funny date with Hyukjae being the host and Donghae being his lucky guest at the wonderful park, Lotte world!



“So Donghae, what is your favorite animal?” he asked when they entered the shop


“Okay~ let’s look for a headband with fish ears then!” he started checking the headbands

...What the actual ?

“Hm~ I don’t think they have them” Hyukjae deducted after a few seconds of looking until then he realised “Ah” he nervously laughed “Fishes don’t have ears, right?” he chuckled while scratching his nape

Is he actually an idiot?

“…” Donghae looked over the headbands and found the one who has monkey ears on it. He took it and then placed it on Hyukjae’s head

Hyukjae gave him a slightly sullen look “ha, ha, ha, very funny” Hyukjae crossed his arms and Donghae couldn’t help giggling lightly



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32 streak 1 points #1
Chapter 1: This is soooooooo cuteeee!!!!!
sweetylailai 1 points #2
Chapter 1: Funny and cute! Stupid Hyukjae:-))
1 points #3
Chapter 1: This is funny stories and sweet at the same time and i just discouver tday T_____T
I like Hae's character in here sassy Hae is really interesting
FishHam89 1 points #4
Chapter 1: hello again my friend
read this now
and it is perfect as im sure about it before reading it
so thank you very much^^
126 streak 1 points #5
This was my first EunHae story and now I've realized that after reading it 4 times (now 5 times) already I've never left a comment before!!! (◎_◎;)
So, here I am. ♥♥

I LOVE this story soooo much. It was my first and it's a special place in my heart.
I do need a sequel for this. I need more EunHae fluffy moments. (╥_╥)
Whenever I feel sad or lazy, I grab a blanket and read this story. So yeah, I love it like my first and only. ♥
1 points #6
Chapter 1: I laughed out loud when reading your author's note. "This is probably the purest thing I've ever written". Keke... The story is nice, though. LOVE IT!!!
1 points #7
Chapter 1: Indeed they're a strange couple~~ salty and idiot lmao. Thanks for sharing this.
1 points #8
Chapter 1: This is so cute!! I love salty haek lmao
1 points #9
Chapter 1: So sweet!! I loved it!!
Because... I do not lie!!
linkinpark2908 1 points #10
Chapter 1: Happy New Year, authornim! Thank you so much for this New Year gift. I keep giggling while reading through this lovely story. Hae and Hyukkie couldnt have been cuter. You wrote so well. Im also trying to learn english by reading fics :> Hwaiting your next cute Eunhae stories in 2017 ^o^