Christmas Spirit



Baekhyun is one confusing co-worker Jongdae is too fond of to stop. 




Fandom: EXO
Title: Christmas Spirit
Pairing(s): Baekhyun/Chen
Genre: romance, fluff, friends-to-lovers, coffeeshop!au [plays during christmas but no heavy meaning on that]
Rating: PG
Warning(s): i am still cheesy and not very origional
Disclaimer: I do not own EXO. Hell I would though.
Length: Oneshot
Word Count: 1,437 [probably the shortest something I have ever written the fck is wrong with me-]
Author's Note: just something short & sweet to ease the lack of baekchen fics in the fandom lately... I am not satisfied with this as a Christmas present so expect more to come.


For F whom I miss a lot, for sweetpea73 whose birthday was a few days ago & I was forgetful enough not to remember it [sorry deaar] & for all the baekchen shippers, whether they read me or not, for keeping up the faith WE ARE STRONG FELLAS LETS KEEP IT TOGETHER AND NEVER STOP STAN~




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Chapter 1: oh my goddddd sakjdhakjdahsk this is so adorable uwu
i was never really fond of chenbaek before but now ;)))))
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Congratulations on the feature.
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Chapter 1: Awhhhh this is totally sweet!! <3 I really enjoyed reading it! I'm happy it got randomly featured :3
cbendb #5
Sweet fic!
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Chapter 1: Awww this was so sweet.

I live for the ending. Junmyeon, just give them their pay rise. Maybe then they'll stop the PDA..... Maybe
quisha #7
Oh so fluffy <3<3<3