sweet box of pepero

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Chenle and Renjun are the best of friends. When the most awaited Pepero day came, Chenle unexpectedly receives a box full of different Peperos and other sweets from Renjun for the first time ever. He suddenly wonders if Renjun gave it to him out of their long time friendship or possibly more than that.


Sweet girl, I wanna fly away like a butterfly

If only I could be in your arms

that are like the clouds

Fly baby I can fly


Sweet girl, you’re filled with a sweet scent

I’ll be a bee and fly over to you

you and I you and I love you

you and I love you girl.


-b1a4's sweet girl- 


hello everyone! because i already finished my taeten four shots story, i have decided to publish a new one shot story which features the ship as characters for the first time. it's chenjun/renle! in case you don't know, i also ship these 2 pumpkins because they look adorable together plus it's china line. i chose b1a4's sweet girl because i think this suits the story and soon you'll see hehehe. this will be updated once i'm not busy anymore. hope you all like this! let's start spreading the chenjun/renle craze! #chenjunsquad2k16 #renlesquad2k16


credits to nct prompts on twitter for the prompt idea!

"When Chenle receives a box of sweets on Pepero day, he wonders if Renjun give it to him out of friendship or possibly more."


cute and awesome graphics made by airborne graphics. thank you so so so much! <3

happy 100 subs! thank you so much! <3


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Chapter 1: And this made my day , RenLe is so cuteedee ❤
PJM-KTH_95 #2
Chapter 1: Please updateeeeeee
Chapter 1: Oh my...chenle is sooo damn cute..renjun too...
f240290 #4
Chapter 1: I have been so deprived with this particular pairing and I thank God that this fic is exist. You did a great job, authornim. Renjun and Chenle are so sweet.
Thank you for writing this story.
chxn2lx #5
Update soon!!~~~