The Scarlet In Her Eyes


Moonbyul, the new transfer student, is a vampire. Also, Kim Yongsun is that dangerously attractive teacher.



This fanfiction contains blood, (maybe) ual tension, a bit of cursing, and perhaps death. Do not proceed if you are not comfortable with the topics listed. This is not your typical happy highschool vampire fanfiction.

Hope you enjoy the story!

note: make sure to not read the comments if you don't want to be spoiled!



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God dangit stop pressuring the author to update folks. Y'all kill some authors' spirits.
Chapter 7: what will happen to moonsun??? please update the story author-nim .. dont stop write pleaseeee .. yr story is great ..
Mskarter #3
Chapter 7: I pray for an update
passerbyz #4
Chapter 7: Yooooooooooo just finished reading all the chapters this morning. Excellent story, can't wait for the next update. :)
lizzylizliz #5
Chapter 7: Update soon pleaseeee ㅠㅠ
wheenie #6
Chapter 7: never have i been so sad that there's no next button to press
Vaarikas #7
Chapter 7: Author-nim... where are you? °~°