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There has never been a really successful mixed gender idol group in the history of K-Pop.

Many failed attempts led to the subject becoming almost taboo - however, Big Hit Entertainment has decided to give the idea another try.

Deborah is a 14 year old girl who decides to join the k-pop industry - however, her first audition turns out to be an audition for a boy band??

6 years later, and she is finally debuting as the leader of Big Hit's ambitious new experiment...



Members of Comet:


Leader, 20 years old (when they debut). Main vocalist, but also raps and dances very well. Lived abroad all her life before becoming a trainee at 14 years old, so she speaks fluent English, French and German as well as Korean. As leader, she is sensible and smart, cool and totally girl crush worthy. However, she is also rather playful and is always good fun.


18, one of the Maknaes, rapper. Has a cute, lovely image that contrasts with her smooth, skilled rapping and powerful dancing skills. A little shy, but extremely playful and dorky when she feels comfortable. Despite her young age and youthful looks, she is surprisingly thoughtful and writes good, deep lyrics.


20, main rapper. Handsome, brooding, rather silent. Very thoughtful and passionate about music, he sometimes looks scary but is very gentlemanly to his fans. He has a deep voice and sings too. Although he is brutally honest and seems aloof, he is actually very caring and has a sense of humor.

Soon (pronounced with a soft 's' !!)

22, center. Main dancer and lead vocalist, he is the oldest but isn't the leader due to his rather immature, fluffy and overenthusiastic character. Extremely good looking, he has a wide vocal range and is an amazing dancer.


18, maknae line. Sweet, playful and friendly, he is full of sass and has the cute, adorable but y bad boy image. He raps and dances well, but is mainly a singer. He hits most of the high notes. He has a big, warm heart but is kinda weird (like Taehyung).


Author's Note:

Hi everyone, this is my first fanfic ever!

I originally wanted to write a BTS fanfic, but I came up with this idea while daydreaming and just fell in love with it...

There will still be quite a lot of BTS in it, especially during the first parts when she is still a young trainee, but this will still be a story about a new mixed gender idol group. All the members of Comet are original characters (sorry, I decided I just wasn't familiar enough with other idols to use them as characters!) and I hope you like them!

This will be quite a long story, since I really want to develop my characters slowly... First we'll have our main character, Deborah, enter Big Hit at 14 years old, and the story will follow her through her trainee years all the way to her debut and career after that.

I haven't actually got the whole story planned out yet, plus I'm not sure how often I'll be able to update since I'm pretty busy all the time, but I'll try my best ^^

LadyMidnight <3


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