When The Leader Falls Sick

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Basically it's just what happened when Hanbin falls sick








This is so random but hopefully this could release some of my stress ^^



Updated and completed. :)


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m4669075 #1
Chapter 1: Your readers must really love your story because they always ask you. Dont be stress.. Sometimes reader like me tend to feel anxious you might stop writing. Thats why too many always whining about updates.. Btw this is first time I read your story. Keep writing eventho it might takes a long time to update. Good luck in your study doctor-soon-to-be. Your updates will heal your reader's loneliness.
Chapter 1: Ahh~~ this was a good one.. Loving every bit of it <3 <3 Relax author-nim.. And of course take your time! No pressure at all~~ Author-nim deserves the best! Love ya~~
Chapter 1: Dont stress out urself w so much stuffs dear. I can understand u as i go through the same thing :) cheer up lol (tetibe XD)
u ambk medic skrg? Bkn ka kos laen ea hri tu? Haha
joonieoppasaranghae #5
Chapter 1: Ahhh!!!Chanbin heals all my stress<3~ Fighting authornim!!
Chapter 1: jalslellaksoe chanbiin ;3; my stress had also been healed by this fluffy chanbin fics. IKR studies , I don't even know what iKON (ESP Chan) doing right now uhhh

Good luck author-nim, let's pass this hell of education together. Thank you for writing this adorable story and hwaiting!
Aya02Cancer #7
Chapter 1: oh honeyyyy, just ignore them.. you are a bless to chanwoo-stan, for me at least >^< keep doing what you do and you would be fine ^^ fighting!!!!!!!!!!
kangdaesoon89 #8
Chapter 1: Chanbinislife♡. I hope u r not stress anymore. Take care of yourself first dear :)
shiptopbom #9
Just what i needed thank you!!!!! Its so cute and fluffy love chanbin ship!!!
Chapter 1: such cute chanbin!

stay healthy!! I'm under stress to bc of school & work, but our health is very important so I hope you get enough rest & sleep. No worries about updating, personal life always takes priority :))