Look Only At...Me


“Jaejoong, eat your dinner dear. It’s getting cold.” Says Mrs. Kim with concern in her voice.


Jaejoong stared at his father, with an angry expression. Mrs. Kim nervously looked from, Jae to her husband. Mr. Kim took another bit of his food with no care.


“How could you… you eat when you just, kicked hyung out like that. The only person that seems to take notice in me.” Jaejoong says as tears build up his eyes as he tries to hold them back.


“Jae!” Mrs. Kim started, but is cut off.


“ How could you-” Says Jae, but stops as he chokes up a bit.


Mr. Kim continues eating, and it makes, Jaejoong furious even more. Jaejoong grabs his dinner plate and throws it to the ground. Mrs. Kim jumps back, and Mr. Kim slams his hands down on the table. Their head maid quickly walks over to, Jaejoong’s side and starts cleaning.


“Ms. Lim, don’t clean that. This thing over here can clean it himself.” Says Mr. Kim and goes back to eating.


Jaejoong blinks with an unemotional face holding his tears back.


“Jae, just stop, you’re going to upset your father even more.” Says Mrs. Kim.


“So, what. You seem to always drive the things I care about away-”Says Jae.


Mr. Kim looks up at the head maid, Mrs. Lim. “ Tell Mr. Wu to bring, Jaejoong to his room, and lock it.” Says Mr.Kim.


“So, you’re just going to lock me away? Huh can you at least speak to me, Abeoji. What do I have to do to get you to, notice?” Says Jaejoong, staring at his father.


Mr. Wu then walks into the huge luxury dining room and walks to Jaejoong’s side. Mr. Wu the grabs, Jaejoong’s arm, but Jae snatches his arm away.


“I don’t touch me. I know my way.”Says Jaejoong as he gets up.


He then walks out the dining room and up the huge grand staircase. Mr. Wu walking straight behind him. Opens his bedroom, door and walks in and slams the door shut. Mr. Wu locks the door from the outside and then leaves.


Jaejoong walks over to his bed and sits down, tears still held back. He then pulls out his phone and dials his older brother’s number. After the fourth ring he just hangs up. Jaejoong then get’s up and walks over to his balcony and takes notice that it is pouring raining outside. Opening the glass doors, and walks out to the balcony.


Not caring that he’s getting wet. He then just stands their, thinking. As he stares out into their yard he see’s flashing red, blue lights of a police car making it’s way up the path to their house. The cop car stopped in front of the huge mansion.


Two officers got out the car and then walked to the entrance of the door step. Jaejoong then walks back inside. He then sits on his bed and just lies down not caring to change his clothes.




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Chapter 5: Yunjae are so cute <3
God...Jessica is such a b****...
But it was pretty obvious that Seugnho is Kang Joon's son. Not hard to find out when Hyun Woo and Jessica behave like this towards each other. Moreover, maybe Yunho knows who is his nephew's father too because he seems to remember Jaejoong's house but doesn't know why nor from where. Hope he'll remember very soon and Jessica won't bother cuty Seungho just to get a revenge !
Chapter 5: Jessica move on already.
Chapter 5: So Jessica is a devil in disguise, I wonder why Jae loves her so much.
By the way Jae's father is really a monster.
Please, update more.
Chapter 4: Yunho is such a genius !
But to be honest, I'm even more jealous of Jaejoong now :p

p.s : this chapter (and particularly Jessica's and Hyun Woo's reactions/meeting) confirms me what I suspected...
Chapter 3: Yunho becoming a particular Jaejoong's fan is just adorable ~
And so is his nephew ! Loved the way he reacted when he saw Jaejoong for real ! I really hope he'll win this challenge ^^
I really want to know more about Kang Joon...
I'm eager to see/read about the first Yunjae meeting >.<
Chapter 2: Jaejoong's father is such a monster...
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Chapter 1: Yunho and his nephew are sooo cute <3 <3 <3 I want to adopt them ! :p
Oh my God... In Guk's words about Jaejoon's big brother's death are so cruel... how can he be so calm hearing this kind of thing ?
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