Of Hues of Blues and a Late Afternoon Cruise

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It all began that one afternoon. Chanyeol was cruising along in his ute by the water. What he had wanted to do was have a swim in the warm oceans of the summer.

But what he got was something much... cuter.


So, yeah, thought there needed to be more merman fics XD

And why not with BaekYeol~ hehe~

Hope you enjoy this story~ I don't know where it's headed~ ^^

Vietnamese Translation by DandelionB: [TRANS][CHANBAEK] Những Sắc Xanh Và Một Chuyến Dạo Chơi Biển Chiều Muộn [Mục Lục]

Also crossposted this onto ao3

Credit to .daft designs for the awesome poster AND background~~!

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Chapter 7: There are barely any mermaidau for baekyeol and this totally satisfied me. This story was so so good!! <333
Chapter 7: I really liked the story it was great ... can I ask you about kai did he stay on the land with sehun or what ? Keep up the good work
teufelchen_netty #3
Chapter 5: Happy or baekyeol, they are to sweet
Malvary #4
Chapter 6: Awwwww! I've never read an mermaid!au but I love it!!! It was very cute and I liked that Chanyeol was willing to left his life in land to be with Baek. It was so cute >.< I loved how you imagined Baek, Kai and then Chanyeol as merman, the tail, the fins, the colors. It was beautiful. I liked this very much!!!
Exofanland #5
Chapter 6: Aweeee this is really cute as well. Chanyeol for the win this time.
Chapter 6: Oh my god, mermaid/merman aus are my oxygen ;3; my golly I'm addicted. Hot damn this was so..so beautiful :"( I loved every bit of it. Baek is so cute :( their love story is so cute :( their interaction is so cute :(( baek's actions are so cute :(((( eVERYTHING'S SO BLOODY CUTE /passes out from nosebleed
Hongbinoffical #7
Chapter 6: Chanyeol can still go on land right bc I know mermaid stuff and I'm just making sure?
mocmacblog #8
Hello , I am a fan of this fanfic 
I love this very much  
So I want to translate it into Vietnamese . Can you give me permision please ??? 
Please answer me 
Have a nice day 
mertina6198 #9
Chapter 5: I am panicking that Chanyeol's changing tbh uxnkzjskz a WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN HE FULLY TURNS INTO A MERMAN??? will he still have legs on land like kaibaek?? or since he's turned, he'll have his tail permanently???
Hongbinoffical #10
Chapter 5: hello!!!! Welcome back!!!! Chanyeol is changing!!! omg