To Fall In Love - Tagalog English version

To Fall In Love Duet: Enamorarse and Para Siempre
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How are you? I hope you all are doing well.


I just want to announce that Enamorarse wil have to say goodbye now here in AFF and won't also sell an ebook copy of it anymore. I’ll be posting the entire story in my new Wattpad account, but it won’t be a daragon fanfic anymore. It will have all-original characters and it will also be in a dual language (Tagalog-English). Why? Because I have wanted to write a series with different characters on it for a long time now, but I can’t do it here since Daragon is my only OTP (LOL). And some characters in Enamorarse will be relevant to my new series. I don’t have time to write another story for that since I want to concentrate writing the first book of the series, so I decided to use this instead. Though the story of Enamorarse is not connected with the series, just some of its characters. I’m still editing it so I haven’t posted all the chapters yet. Also, it’s my first time writing a story in a dual language and I’m still familiarizing myself with Tagalog words since I mostly write in English, so please bear with me. LOL. So there, if you want to read the Taglish version, you can check my Wattpad account: Oh, it's free, btw. 😀 


Thank you for all the love you have given Enamorarse. I won't have the courage to continue to write it without all of your support and never ending patience. Like what I

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troy69 #1
Chapter 49: I miss this daragon story 😭
The1994 #2
Hi is still okay to buy the book? Would it be on daragon still? I really miss this and k need to re read your works :(
Chapter 49: Awww. I loved this story so much.
Kevinalexgarcia88 #4
Chapter 49: Hi i hope you given me a chance to read your Enamorse
Thank you so much for the free ebook and your message. My birthday has now been completed! God bless and keep safe author. 😊❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Hello. It was funny that I just commented that I want to read this badly again. I didn't know how many times I read this story and I missed it so much. Not only I like the characters but the whole story is amazing and what I really like about it is not only it is funny but heartwarming as well. If I want to get kilig, this is my go to daragon fanfic. I hope I can read this again. Thank you and happy 5th year. ❤❤❤
This is one of my favorite daragon story of all time. I wasn’t sure how many times I have read this back then. Jiyong and Sandara's love story was an epic. I really like that Dara never let Ji go even though there are lots of obstacles coming on their way. Their are also lot of tears I shed when Jiyong got in an accident. I hope I have a chance to have a copy of your story so I can read this wonderful story again. Would be a nice gift for my bday. Thanks author. Keep on writing. 😀🥰❤
Want to read this badly all over again 😭😭😭
Julianahiew #9
Would like to order
Chapter 47: I want to order but how? And will it still be a daragon story?