Prof. Park Sooyoung's Course: How to Get Kang Seulgi 101


Bae Joohyun is stumped on asking a girl out.

But Park Sooyoung is here to save the day...

by teaching her exactly how.


Sooyoung loudly smacked the whiteboard with a long ruler, making Joohyun flinch in her seat.

"Rule number one," Sooyoung slowly said, her wide eyes piercing into Joohyun's soul.

The latter almost thought Sooyoung might be able to the living force out of her with just a stare of her threatening eyes.

"Don't, and I repeat, DON'T, ever insult Beyonce in front of her face or around anyone for that matter." Sooyoung rushed over to where Joohyun was sitting and slammed her hands down onto the desk--and wait, where did the ruler go?--and the older girl almost wept at that moment. "She will know and she will never talk to you ever again. AGAIN."

"W-Who..who would want to insult the queen anyway...?" Joohyun meekly questioned.

"Oh, unnie, you never know." Sooyoung gradually backed away from the desk and brightly grinned at the older girl as if she did not give her the fright of her life. "Anyway, let's continue with lesson one of 'How to Get Kang Seulgi 101,' shall we?"



Is there a story like this already? I really hope not.... /sweatingbullets/


Credit to the amazing Kwons- for making a spectacular poster for this story! Thank you so much for taking the time to make it! It's really, really much appreciated. <3

YA'LL CHECK OUT THE POSTER MADE BY Kwons- ON THE FOREWORD! Thank you again for taking the time to make this for me! <3<3<3
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