Be My Lady

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There's one question that Areum despises with all her heart. 

"When are you getting married?" 



Lee Areum's hitting 34 in four months and she's still single.

Her last relationship was 9 years ago, meaning she has been solo for the last 9 ing years. 

In search for a man who will meet her at the wedding hall, she's been looking around. 

Despite that, no one's showing any interest. 

Then came a fetus named Kim Jongin a.k.a. Kai. 

Areum didn't know what's waiting for her. 



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Tiffany_csq #1
loved this
kyunism #2
Chapter 18: Your Kai stories are one of the best I have ever read. Really thank you for writing it, is was beautiful and I love it so much.
Doctor Kai is really rare to find here, I'm glad that I found your story hehehe
Hope to read more of your Kai stories. Fighting!!!
Chapter 17: OMG i love this story soooo much!!! Even though it makes me cringe but still the storyline is the best!! Thankyou authornim!
Chapter 17: I really love the ending of this story! thank you author nim!
Chapter 17: nice issue to discuss and u have done it in a humorous context. ..thank u for ur hard work
Chapter 17: this story is so beautiful ;u;
Chapter 6: okei this chap is funny xD hahaha all them boys at the same place and trying to get areum's heart
Chapter 18: awww...i love this !!♡♡♡
Chapter 4: Holy abs, I wouldn't mind a doctor as hot as Kai haha totally did not expect him to be a doctor!!! I thought he's gonna inherit some kind of business so I was thinking he's a director or something like that!!!