Book of FanFictions


A collection Shinhwa OTP's one-shots from three different authors: @fofolla, @ladyerror & @ZomDyDy


A challenge has arrived. A various collections of imagination, wonders, horrors [if there will be], and laughters from every possible OTP of Shinhwa members.  Please enjoy the different kinds of genres - collaborations from us.  



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Chapter 16: tbh, im expecting a relationship btween the twins and sunho.. *whacking my head for having a erted mind*.. glad to know that jinnie will take a good care of andy tho. And good lord, the step mom character really riles me up. Im still able to feel my anger toward her.
Thanks for writing!
Chapter 16: Owwww so sweetttt!!!!! I'm glad everyone gets their happy ending. I was afraid one of the twins will suffer broken heart, hahahha => said someone who likes to end her own story without happy ending. Anyway!!! Good story!!!! Love it!!!
Chapter 13: i never knew that id consider deranged!Syung is hot.. smthing's wrong with my mind, indeed. Sunho's image here seems soo pure, like the first ray of sunshine in the morning or smhing equally cheesy. I love how Syung er.... seducing lil Sunho. AND WANNIE!! I really love his character in this one.. *blame Wannie's Edgar Allan Poe teaser which turns Wannie to be my bias, at least for today*
Thanks for writing this fic!
Chapter 13: Aigooooo!!!! That was fast pace!!! I can't believe what I'm reading XDDD but it was indeed a thriller. Love the part where HyeSung role played as a psychopath. Hahaha, somehow I can picture him as one.
nananene #5
Chapter 7: Just reading this chapter. This is so beautiful TT TT
Love how you put the lyrics there. And what with the cliffhanger?!
Chapter 12: AMAZINGGGG
Chapter 6: Okay i love this story... You must write for this again~~~ Next part pleaseee
Chapter 12: What the hell... why am I feeling depressed after reading this fic? I dont have any idea.. no. wait, I do have some idea cz MY POOR JINNIE OH MY GOD!! My sweet precious cinnamon roll, taking all of the burdens on to his own shoulders just to save his own dear brother. Wannie is a tad selfish tho in my opinion, he KNOWS that he's hurting Jinnie with the whole time travel thing and the rule that they cant meet each other, YET he wont let Jinnie go (cz I assume that if Wannie let Jinnie go, Jin will be dead. Or am I wrong for assuming this?)

But, why tho? Why is it always Jin who is physically hurting when they meet each other?
Chapter 10: Awww this was so sweet X3
Hahaha Dongwan is always a fool XD
I like this chapter. You give me Wandy feels <3
It was a good idea. Please more XDDD