Black Paradise

[“Ace and Yoyo are heading to ground floor, follow their lead.”]

A loud crash followed by a collision of explosives echoed into the hallway from where he was, it didn't take long for another chorus of shouting to tell him that his position was already given away. Junhyung laid low taking cover behind the overturned vending machine, with ease he restocked the ammunition in his gun as bullets shot at the machine behind him.

Mentally counting down from ten he patiently waited for the people on the other side to completely waste their bullets. When the chance came, he took aim shooting two of the intruders a bullet shot straight into the head whilst the second bullet was lodged in the throat. Junhyung left from where he was following the signs leading him towards the left hall. The entire floor was littered with unconscious bodies with nameless faces, all battered and splayed out. 'looks like they had fun' Junhyung took a quick sweep down of his area verifying that they were knocked out or dead.

[“Why am I called Yoyo when you guys get cool names like – Mastermind, Ace, and Joker?”]

Leaning against the wall he took in the sight of another wave of bodies covering the floor, puddles of blood splattered across the enemy, the broken lights above him flickered weakly casting shadows over the broken debris and glass shards. It's been only 44 minutes and 37 seconds since He'd split up with the other three, they've been expecting the 'trap' way before they even stepped foot inside the building. This was nothing new anyway.

The only difference this time would be that they weren't a full team for this mission - not that they couldn't handle it - this was just a simple clean up consisting their Mastermind, Second in command, Decoy, and Ace. With their Hacker currently out of commission, who was left behind at base alongside with their Doctor. It left the rest of the group feeling incomplete, or empty as he would put it.

Bits of broken glass crunched under his shoes while Junhyung leisurely walked towards the exit just across the room. [“How about baby face then?”] He rolled his eyes knowing the team Ace and Decoy were starting up banter again.

Abrasive yelling bellowed from the floor above him, three more people dashed out to the ledge spotting him immediately. Junhyung sprinted behind the concrete pillar, face forward listening to the shower of bullets clash into the pillar. He had a quick look at the trio before letting them continue to shoot at him. Looking back again he aimed at the one closest to the edge, watching the victim he shot topple over the edge only to crash flat on the floor.

[“Are you kidding me, baby face?”] two people were left on the upper floor hiding behind the ledge, another shower of bullets continued to pound themselves into the pillar. Amongst the noise a new gruff voice spoke into small earpiece in his right ear. [“Yeah ace, it's better if it was troll doll instead. Joker, are you near your destination, or do you need backup?”] Junhyung scampered to the next pillar the moment they had stopped to reload their guns, pivoting around he aims back at them without any hesitation listening closely to heard the clatter of weapons fall along side with their owners.

Walking away from the pillar, his slanted eyes quickly scan the area before continuing on his left hand gripping onto his gun, [“Approaching destination. Be there in ten minutes”] there was nothing special about the faceless dead people lying on the cold floor, until he found something out of the ordinary. An arm was stretched out towards him from the corner of his eye, indistinctly he slides his butterfly knife from his waist ready to stab the guy dead centre on the hand only to realise said guy was already dead judging by blood stained chest.

Keeping his knife out he sauntered over to the unknown body, the stretched out arm was imprinted with two black thin horizontal lines on the wrist between the two lines was a red crescent moon facing left. The tattoo seemed similar, a nagging comment in the back of his head told him that he'd seen this before yet he couldn't pin point exactly where he'd seen it.

The piercing static in his earpiece yanked him from his dwelling thoughts as an annoyed mumble sounded in his ear [“I'm not a troll doll”] cheery laughter followed straight after the comment.


The room smelt of bleach and gas, a tray of spatulas and syringes were neatly laid in a row soaking by the sink. With a twist, the Bunsen burner was switched off letting the flame die down, a pair of tongs carefully brought the flask that was on top of the Bunsen burner onto a small mat. Hyunseung adjusted his goggles observing the orange hue liquid slowly cool down inside the container, after a few minutes of watching it closely he took a glass rod dipping it into the flask stirring up the liquid.

The previous orange liquid soon dyed blue with each movement from the glass rod, the change in colour piqued his attention, placing the flask back down Hyunseung grabbed the clipboard from the far right scribbling down notes upon his experiment. The slam of the door echoed into his study room accompanied with loud talking. Only meaning that the others had just arrived from their mission after reporting back to the higher generals. Back at the source noisiness, Yoseob and Kikwang entered in dragging their heavy feet towards the living room with Junhyung and Doojoon coming up from behind.

“I'm guessing, it was a fun mission.” Dongwoon greeted without looking up, his back was hunched over the grey table which was covered with multiple circuit boards and microchips. Large frames hung over his nose, with eyes squinting at the one of the board pieces he was working on. His left hand held a thin wire whilst the other held a soldering iron, melting the wire into place.

“I'm not comfortable with you using a soldering iron in the living room, especially with your right arm fractured. In case you forgot” Doojoon came up to him holding the soldering iron away.

“Hyung! I was almost finished I swear, and my right arm isn't that bad.”

Walking around he unplugged the soldering iron, being mindful with the fact that it was still warm from being used. “Do you not know the meaning of fractured Son Dongwoon?”

Dongwoon was the living definition of a young prodigy, and like every so called young prodigy he was stubbornly proud of himself flawlessly exceeding in every area of quality from speaking up to seven languages to being a literal walking calculator in terms for maths and science. However with himself being exceptionally flawless in everything, he chose to dwell himself into technology, specifically creating and modifying all sorts of useful machines. If there was one downfall to Dongwoon, it would be that he didn't know when to stop. Once he invests himself in his work he'll persistently work at it until he was satisfied with what he made, even if he was on his last dying breath he'd still be forcing himself to finish what he started.

Doojoon handed the now cooled down soldering iron to Kikwang who carelessly dropped it into a plastic tray labelled 'confiscated'. The maknae frowned deeply leaning back into the sofa when Yoseob plopped himself in the space next to him.

“You need to relax, any ways, you only have a week or two left before your right arm is fully healed then you'll be free to build as many toy robots you want.”

“I wasn't making a toy robot.” He grumbled under his breath

Yoseob sat up straight looking down at the electronic mess on the table “oh? What were you making then?”

“I was actually inventing a droid no bigger than the size of my hand that's able to record and pick up audio from--”

“Hey who's turn is it to cook dinner tonight, I'm exhausted. – sorry maknae, I love you really but I don't want a headache after scavenging twenty two floors full of criminals” Kikwang explained setting the box by the cabinet.

Junhyung who'd been silent at the end stated “Well, Tuesday we had spaghetti which Kikwang cooked. I made beef stir fry yesterday so today's turn is...Doojoon.”

Three pairs of eyes looked over to Doojoon who pretty much looked passed out on the beige arm chair, “Doojoon Hyung it's your turn to cook dinner today.”

“Sorry I can't hear you, its too dark.”

“That doesn't even make any sense at all!”

Yoseob had his arms crossed over each other, “Well, Mastermind, you still have to make us dinner anyway – and you can't make instant noodles again like last week.”

The mastermind of the group turned over so his back was facing the rest of them, “Well, looks like I'm not gonna make dinner at all now with that attitude, you can all thank troll doll here for hurting my feelings.”

Kikwang snickered behind his hand, he almost forgot about their conversation from before. He watched Yoseob jump from his seat ready to attack Doojoon.

With the assigned roll of hacker being labelled onto Dongwoon, every one else had their own role and speciality, Yoseob (Yoyo) was a wolf dressed in sheep clothing, a decoy. He was best at gathering data from targets up close and personal with his close combat hand to hand fighting being massively useful. Kikwang lived up to his codename 'Ace', a certified all rounder both physically and intellectually though many people underestimate him a lot he shows what he can do with exceptional results making anyone think twice. Junhyung is the second in command, Doojoon's right hand man and elite hit man. Mainly a weapon specialist who goes by 'Joker' he may not be a top fighter like Kikwang or Yoseob but what he lacks in that area he makes up for it with his weapons and quick thinking.

Behind every team is a leader who supports the group wholly and that's Doojoon. The epitome of a good leader for being patient, competent, intelligent, fair minded and Inspiring, the list stretches further on but it's what defines the mastermind of the team not to mention his witty personality and precise shooting skills. The final piece to the puzzle was Hyunseung, the one and only who experts in chemicals and poisons knowing every formula and pressure point from the back of his hand also a sharp fighter when he needs to be that comes up to par with Kikwang.

Said final piece of the puzzle finally enters the scene just in time to see the team's ace and decoy trying to pull apart the leader leaving the maknae toying with his microchips in the corner and Junhyung sat watching the three across the room with boredom in his eyes.

Yoseob paused from trying to rip Doojoon's arm off to find Hyunseung watching them. “Hi hyung, you wanna join in too?”

“No thanks, just wanted to ask when dinner is going to be ready.”

See! Even Seung hyung is getting hungry - so get going.” The duo struggled to moved Doojoon off the armchair who simply faked being asleep forcing all his weight down just to annoy the two. Hyunseung looked back expecting to hear Junhyung reprimand Doojoon for being childish, instead he was surprised to see him look a little pale, observing closer with sharp eyes, Junhyung actually did look like as if he was about to pass out any second. His eyes were hooded plus his stature was slowly tipping forward. His heart skipped when he saw a stain on Junhyung's side that wasn't quite visible from the black shirt, but his suspicions were confirmed from the red stains against the armchair of the sofa.

“Junhyung” he uttered softly “you're bleeding.”

Dongwoon dropped the microchip in his hand letting it collide against the rest of circuit boards, “Junhyung Hyung?”

The worry in his tone snapped even Doojoon up from his 'sleep', everyone's focus was on Junhyung who didn't seem to even realise what was happening right now. Hyunseung instantly reached out to him wrapping his left arm around his waist simultaneously hooking Junhyung's right arm around his neck making it easier for him to move Junhyung.

“w-wait, Hyunseung hyung.”

Kikwang jumped up breaking from his shock, he was going to follow Hyunseung ready to assist him until he felt a tug on his wrist. “Hyung, shouldn't we-”

“Let Hyunseung, handle this. He's the only one out of all of us who actually knows how to properly treat first aid stuff.” Doojoon cut him off, his voice stern yet soft around the edges to reassure his dongsaengs. Yoseob said nothing staring at the deep blood stains where Junhyung once sat, they'd have to get a new sofa soon.

Doojoon stood up resting firm hands on both Yoseobs and Kikwangs shoulders, “He'll be fine, trust me. A wound to the side won't be enough to put Junhyung down, I'll get started on dinner and once that's finished we can all go in together and nag at him for being so careless.”

At the other end of the sofa Dongwoon absently nodded, he didn't feel like working on his droid any more.


Hyunseung had Junhyung sit up straight on the black chair at the corner of his room, “Junhyung – hey – you can't fall asleep on me I need to check your wound okay?”

he blinked twice slowly coming back to his senses, “Hyunseung-”

“It's okay. I got you.” Reaching over he grabbed the spare first aid kit that he'd keep under his desk besides the other one in the bathroom. Pulling up the kit next to him Hyunseung stared at the barely visible stained shirt, “I'm gonna slowly pull up your shirt to see how bad it is.” Junhyung nodded watching Hyunseungs hands gently pull the bottom of shirt up, he didn't miss hearing the hitched gasp or the way his pupils dilated in fear.

With shaky hands he opened up his first aid kit taking out the essentials needed to clear up all the blood before it starts to dry up and crust. Hyunseung mentally cringed at that thought, with a wet cotton ball in hand he softly cleaned up as much blood as he could ignoring the way his heart was furiously pounding in his ears, at first he couldn't find the open wound with the way the fabric of shirt had smudged the blood but once he did find it his jaw went slack.

Junhyung's vision was gradually getting blurrier each second, he shut his eyes tight forcing himself to focus on being awake. When he opened his eyes again he was met with Hyunseung frozen in front of him, his calloused hands gently covered the ones holding onto the black shirt. “Seung. Are you okay?”

Clearly Hyunseung wasn't okay. But he had no idea what to say, Junhyung wasn't the best at comforting people still he knew how much Hyunseung strongly disliked seeing or being near anything that has to do with blood when ironically his job mostly revolves around it.

“s-sorry. Um, hold your shirt up for me. You're going to need stitches.”

The word 'stitches' had him almost chock on air.

Hyunseung peered into the wound trying to keep his lunch from making it's way back up his throat. The cut was vertical almost the size of a forefinger, his medical gloved hands were firmly holding on to Junhyung. His thumbs easing the wound a bit open to get a better look and basing on his previous judgement he was right about the stitches. The wound was deep enough to see the fat beneath the skin.

“Don't you need to knock me out or whatever before you start?”

slipping his stained medical gloves off he chucked them to the side before putting on another clean one, “I hate doing this as much as you need stitches but I'm afraid not, it'll be quick anyway.” digging into the bottom of kit Hyunseung took out a small bag taking out a sterilised needle and thread.

“It's vital that you really stay still, if anything try to keep yourself distracted.” he skilfully looped the thread into the needle in one go as it's gripped in a needle driver. “I'm gonna start now, just – don't look down or move around so much.”

Junhyung nodded staring ahead of him, resisting the urge to flinch at the first puncture of the needle he instead observed the room he was in. His desk was piled up with open textbooks assorted with highlighted phrases and notebooks covered in long paragraphs, next to the desk was a A1 sized whiteboard that had various scientific calculations that he barely understood. But what stood out the most on the whiteboard were the childish doodles at the bottom which could only be done by none other than the maknae line.

“Have you ever done stitching on anyone else apart from me?”

“Yeah, Kikwang the most actually. He hates it a lot but it has to be done especially since he keeps on accidentally ripping them open.”

He wasn't surprised at all, Junhyung could imagine Kikwang whining in his spot right now on how much it hurts and he wouldn't agree more with him. He was going to make a remark about kikwang when he spotted a notice board hanging beside Hyunseung's bed, it wasn't filled with complicated graphs or numbers. But mostly with Polaroids of everyone in their little group, majority of them were candid photos of the members or it was themselves holding up the camera with Hyunseung grinning into the lens. The board also had other things too like a movie ticket from three weeks ago when they all decided to watch a horror movie together (Dongwoon nor Kikwang slept well for a week), even a few cute phone charms and key chains that he collected were also pinned up. He recalled last month, their infiltration mission in Daegu, Doojoon had found a Jirachi pokemon charm in a parking lot and gave it to Hyunseung for luck apparently.

The fondest memory he felt connected to the most was the crooked photo of all them bundled up in warm clothes which Yoseob took, after an hour long of arguing they finally settled on going to Paris. The six of them didn't really care that it was only a week off, they needed this after all. Being in this type of industry that involves murder and horrid memories can take a great toll on you, especially with your own lives hanging by a thin thread. All connections they had from their previous lives were strictly cut off for their safety of their loved ones living in their past.

Trying to escape the repetitive cycle of blood, sweat, and tears was never an option. The only way to break free from it all means paying with your own life. They had no one to depend on except each other until the very end.

Junhyung finally tore his eyes away looking down at Hyunseung diligently stitching up his wound, beneath his doe eyes were dark circles evident from lack of sleep. The thought of him not sleeping well had his stomach churn in worry it also didn't help how he'd return from a mission hurt and bloody.

“It's finished, try to be careful with the way you move otherwise the stitches will pop.” Snipping off the last bit of thread, the rest of the medical tools were placed back in the kit. Junhyung was finally able to put his shirt down, watching from his seat as the other packed everything away. Hyunseung winced seeing all the blood soaked cotton balls gathered in his hands, he threw them in the trash behind him knowing fully well if he stared any longer at it he would start getting queasy.

A deep sigh left his lips, he still had a lot to finish ahead of him like breaking down the formulas used in an unknown poison needle that Yoseob almost contracted or the written report for the higher up colleagues about the new antidote he'd been tirelessly working due in three days.

A tug from his shirt had him stop from mentally checking the list of things to do, his eyes flickered to Junhyung staring at him with concern. “Your insomnia is back isn't it.”

Hyunseung nodded noting the hand holding onto him, there was rustle of fabric heard, before he was tugged onto his bed where they now sat side by side. Junhyung pulled him closer so the eldest was leaning into his right side where he wasn't wounded, soft bristles of hazel hair brushed against his cheek while he peered down taking both of Hyunseung's hands into his own, their fingers entwining together all while soft puffs of air greeted collarbones.

“I'm sorry for scaring you and getting hurt” he muttered against the side of Hyunseung's head “I'm okay now, really, thanks to you.” he nodded against the crook of the neck accepting the apology, it terrified him to see Junhyung like that it was as if one of his worst nightmares were coming true where Junhyung slips through his fingers he was just lucky that he didn't lose enough blood for him to need a transfusion.

He moved his right arm over to rest around Hyunseung's waist, his thumb drawing out imaginary shapes into his hip. “Don't you think it's ironic that you can't stand being near blood yet you're a doctor?”

He knew well enough that Hyunseung had rolled his eyes with a smile without even looking down at him, “A doctor of science that specialises in poison and chemicals, I'm not a surgeon.”

Junhyung let Hyunseung play with his left hand, the pads of his fingers tracing and brushing across the skin from the lines in his palm to the bumps of his knuckles. He cherished moments like this when it was just the two of them alone, they rarely have time to themselves without their jobs being involved so they do their best to make every small moment worth the while and memory.

Hyunseung pressed a kiss on the side of his neck leaving a smile on Junhyung's face, “Lets head back before they get start planning out my funeral already.” Standing up from the bed he offered a hand to Hyunseung, who accepted the gesture. He pulled the other close enough to kiss the tip of his nose.

Hyunseung chuckled leading Junhyung by the hand ,“It's too late for that honestly.”

Junhyung sighed loudly, he could already hear how noisy everyone else was right behind the closed the door. Hyunseung leaned in close to peck Junhyung on the lips once more before swinging the door open, the second in command just hoped that he wouldn't have to end the day with an irritating migraine.



I wrote this with my tears honestly. This was so stressful to finish up but it's finally done!! I hope you enjoyed it Jojo1989 I did my best with the prompt and sorry for taking so long.♡♡♡  

I'm jsut gonn a  go lie down in my grave now where I belong. ヽ(´□`。)ノ;;

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