The Perks of Dating Byun Baekhyun

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Byun Baekhyun, your senior at college who looks much younger than what he actually is; a guy who you have never imagined to date with. 

But..... what if it turns out to be the opposite?


Does dating with him really have its perks?






You (20 years old, third semester)

Not having much experience in dating, dated only once in Senior High School. Spent your first year of college for studying only because you're not moving on from your ex-boyfriend.


Byun Baekhyun (21 years old, fifth semester)

Pretty much experienced in dating despite of his cute look and quite popular among girls. The type of guy who takes the initiative instead of just go with the flow. His academic is surprisingly good, enough to pass every subject with an A.


Oh Sehun (20 years old, third semester)

"The handsome god of college" and other nicknames with handsome goes to him because of his super goodlooking appearance. He used to be a total jerk in the past, but becoming your best friend since chilhood, he's actually just an innocent guy too. 


Kim Jongin (20 years old, third semester)

He acts like he's in love with you but he literally does the same thing to the other girls, being a real player of what he actually is. Surprisingly passed his first year although it seems impossible for him to get a C on every subject.


Park Chanyeol (21 years old, fifth semester)

Bestfriend of Byun Baekhyun, famous for his nickname "The Heartbreaker Sunbae" because of the amount of girls who got rejected by him and mostly juniors. 


Kim Jongdae (21 years old, fifth semester)

The ex boyfriend who leaves so much memories on you--the one you think you can never get over of. Not that popular but he's good looking enough to atrract you back then, and even now after breaking up.


HELLO readers! okay I don't know if it's okay if I start a new story again tbh (I haven't finished my last one with Baekhyun as the main character too lol) and if you're my old readers I suppose you guys are aware that I rarely write fluffs so I hope this one will turn out good;-; also I've been wanting to write a story featuring exo maknaes and beagle lines so here it is!! this will only be a short fic bcs I didn't intend to put too much conflicts just like my other fics and it'll confuse me as an author so I'll go with the lighter storyline and fluff one, enjoy ^^


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