The Sun and the Moon


They were living with the thoughts that they have nothing to lose. Until they met each other, things totally changed. They began to rely on each other, co-existing just like the sun and moon. But, will they be able to get together? Or will they be like the sun and moon, forever being distanced apart…?


*Writer’s note: This story is inspired after reading Grasshopper novel. Totally love the interaction between Semi and his superior! Thus I decided to make this into a love story instead. XD

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Chapter 12: Hi Selena!!

I've read this story recently and never got the chance to leave you a comment :3

This story was very thrilling, a lot of waves of emotions in it! It reminded me a bit of Romeo and Juliet the ending, it was rather sad but then you added that cute little ending of Ryosuke and Rina with their baby ❤️

Also I love that you used Ryosuke's character "Semi" too! Good job, I hope you make more in the future :))
Chapter 3: OMG!!! I love this interaction with two main characters. Now I don't feel suspicious about Rina anymore. Her story was sad and also I could that Semi and Rina have a lot in common. I'm so hooked to this story. :)
Chapter 1: Wow, this was really good. For once it's something a little different. Glad I came across this story. So far, I find Rina a little suspicious. By other than that the story is good. Keep up with the great work that you're doing!!! :)