Just a Coffee Shop Story


Baekhyun, an invisible boy, likes the most popular boy in the entire school. 

Chanyeol, the most popular boy in the entire school (who actually has fans), has a crush on an invisible boy.

Baekhyun likes to count and doesn't like to take risks.

Chanyeol speaks his mind and he's not proud of it. 

A little coffee shop in the corner of the town is what's going to bring them together. 


Dedicated to: kaisoofeels3

Genre: Romance, slice of life, fluff, (oneshot)

Warnings: bullying at work 

Hi guys! I don't know how this will turn out (I've written the story already, but I'm not entirely satisfied with it), but I hope you guys like it~~~ 


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Chapter 1: i feel like i could've died with the amount of fluff i read!!!
110 streak #2
Chapter 1: Ohmygood this is so precious! And I can totally relate with Baek!! I actually feel like the Baek in this story is so like meee 'Risky' ahahahhahaha I always feels that way. Anyway, this is such a fun read! I love how sweet their love story went and Chanyeol ohmygaahd. 'Live with me' isn't that so manlyyy. I love this fic!! Very entertaining!!
Chapter 1: skskjsjskskssjsks
1aayat4 63 streak #4
Chapter 1: Though I hardly read fluff but I found this really cute
Chapter 1: this story itself too risky xD xD xD
baek_has_chan #6
Chapter 1: Waaah im so sooooooooooooft like i cotton candy
Chapter 1: I loved this so much ?
Chapter 1: This is absolutely good! I like every bits of it. Ajjdjsjjdkakkrkjej I like the progress of chanyeol and baekhyun's character. Annamkakd
Chapter 1: I can't stop smiling
MiszCJung #10
Chapter 1: Absolutely adorable. No matter how many times I read this, the giddiness is extreme ♡♡♡♡