Cherry Chapstick


Jongae doesn't ask questions right away when her best friend knocks on her window with a split lip, bruised cheek, and bright grin. (fem!B.A.P)


Youngjae = Eunjae

Jongup = Jongae

Junhong = Bunhong


"Bunhongie," Jongae says slowly, putting the shoebox of First Aid supplies back on her closet shelf, "why were you going to kiss Eunjae unnie?"

Bunhong looks down her body at her friend. She looks funny on the landscape of her s, belly, and feet. "I asked her, and she said okay."

"It wasn't a dare or a game or...?"

"No. Not that I'd say 'no' to it, if it was."

"Oh," Jongae replies softly.


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