a house made of cards, sacrifices and stupidity - 

it's risky again, dangerous yet pleasurable;

stay a little more like this

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"different loves - different sacrifices - different stories "


a short clip trailer for this fan fiction - HOUSE OF CARDS (BTS)


Hi guys! so before you read this story I've created a short clip so that you have ideas or thoughts about this fan fiction of BTS :)  Yay! 

I created this because I want to show you guys what's  really going to happen in this story

Well I don't know if my story is confusing or not but you guys can actually tell me if it is confusing. 

Btw this is my first time writing a fan fiction story with a full blast of inspirations 

because nowadays, I am so addicted to Bangtan Boys. I really loved them srsly - I found them unique, handsome and so talented.

This video is kinda separated into three stories - like love, sorrows and sacrifices. 

But this story is not totally a sad story, you can see here how they face the reality between choosing love or friendship.

This is love story - I promise! 


Potato Jimin ----- 

Enjoy the video :)   



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