24 Days to Capture You


Park Chanyeol’s problem: he has an irrational crush, a staring problem, and a time limit. Byun Baekhyun’s problem: he’s too cute for anyone to handle and too oblivious to realize that it’s causing someone else a lot of trouble. Their problems overlap. And they’re both looking for a strange stranger.

(They’re also both kind of stalkers, but let’s not get too into that.)


Genre: pointless fluff

Length: One-Shot | 7k

Warnings: it’s gross af


Baekhyun, I think… just maybe… I might be… in love… with you.


~*~*~    ~*~*~    ~*~*~


A/n: Once again warning you how awful this is going to be. I wrote this entire thing in 2 days (or well in a 37 hour time frame) last year and it’s unbeta’d and terrible because it was very last minute, and it is probably going to be the death of me and my writing career.

Because it was written last year and I’ve been too lazy to think of a new fic and have had no time to write anything new, I lightly edited this one in a couple of parts, so I hope the writing styles don’t clash too badly? But I really wanted to get up a fic this year, so here’s this, haha.


With that said, enjoy :) (or don’t – it’s really your choice.)



~*~*~    ~*~*~    ~*~*~




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