You? Me?

You? Me?

Author's Note: Hello it's me again^ ^ After almost 1 year I rewrote this cuz it is one of my first writing and it was pretty badly written  and the cringe was too strong so I had to rewrite some part. I hope you'll like it!






Jinyoung sighed for the third time tonight, he was bored and didn't know what to do since all his friends were with their families to celebrate Christmas while he couldn't even afford a plane ticket to see his in Thailand he was kinda broke since his last job didn't last long and he’s still looking for a new one. The stubborn boy he was also refused his parents wasting money to come see him here in Korea.

He had to admit that he felt kinda lonely with nobody to spend Christmas with but oh well…


He reluctantly gets off of his comfy bed and shivers a little as the temperature is not the same without his hot blanket. After recovering from the lose he rummaged in his fridge and after heating the leftover of pizza  plops on the sofa with a whiny noise as his lands on the remove “You little-” he groans and takes it and turn on the tv for another anime marathon.


After some time sleep took over him, but it seems like his best friend has different plans for them. Instead of being with his family Jaebum's here in front of Jinyoung's door, wondering if he's sleeping already and if he came at the wrong time and for a minute he think about backing away and going home, but that would be a waste and he really wants to see his forever crush he shakes his head and settle for bestfriend even if he wants to be more than that but wouldn't want to destroy their everlasting friendship because of his feelings that he successfully hide all these years by being discreet and not staring too much... well at least when the younger was awake he chuckled at the memories of the secret pics he took of Jinyoung. He is brought back from his mental discussion with himself by the cold “That’s why I don’t like Christmas it’s always so cold” he mumbled in his scarf.

After a small silence,  he decided to knock since he's starting to freeze outside.


He wakes up from his sleep and wondered who is knocking at his door this late at night, “it's past midnight already” he murmured. Whatever. He just hope it’s not some weird people. He slowly went to the door and asked "Who is it?" after some seconds he can hear a voice he could even recognise in his sleep "It's me Jinyoungie" “Jaebum Hyung?” Still in mid-shock, he unlocked the door and opened the door without taking notice of his almost body.


It’s really him, he mentally squealed and kept his composure and asked "Hyung? what are you doing here at this hour? Aren't you supposed to celebrate Christmas with your family?"

Jaebum enchanted by the view of Jinyoung only wearing a long T-shirt and his milky legs rapidly averted his gaze and coughed. Jinyoung noticing his hyung’s red cheeks state looked down and finally realised that he was not wearing pants only his boxer, he blushed bright red “Oh ! Wait a minute, I’ll-" “Wait” Jaebum snapped "Just let me in already, it’s too cold" the older finished, Jinyoung smiled playfully before letting him inside and rushed  to his room to put on proper pants.


After finishing he sighed and muttered "How embarrassing" and waited a minute for his cheeks to return to their normal color before leaving his room and stood in front of his hyung who is sitting on his sofa.

He arched his eyebrow "So didn't answer to my question" He never forgets. Jaebum let out a small weird laugh and said "can't I visit my cute Jinyoungie?" he then wiggled his eyebrows while the latter furrowed his and whined "Hyung~ Don't call me that, you know that I don't like it" he secretly liked it but he would never say it.


Jaebum raised his eyebrow "Cute?” But it's the truth," He sighed and gave up with his obstinate hyung since he knows that he will always continue. Talking about always he's always been in love with Jaebum but he's too scared to break their friendship. What if it's not mutual? It’d be too awkward between them and he did not want his already weird hyung being weirder around him… These foolish thoughts were running through his head before Jaebum cut him off.


"I thought you'll be lonely spending your Christmas alone, so... I decided to stay with you and even prepared something, " he said with a wide grin on his face "What is it? What is it?" Jinyoung asked excited, Jaebum grinned and answered "It's a secret, just follow me" Jinyoung crossed his arms on his chest "I won't go anywhere until you tell me! I need to prepare myself for the worst with you," he firmly stated. Jinyoung's pouting face made his heart beat so fast that he interrogates himself, how can he be so cute? the younger boy asked in an annoyed tone "hyung, answer me!" “W-well,” he cleared his throat and held out his hand to him and  "You'll see when we get there the Shall we go?" Jinyoung sighed and his resolution flew away after seeing the other’s smile and a tiny smile appeared on his own face. He shyly reached out his hand to hold Jaebum's and intertwined their fingers "fine, I'll only accept because it's you" Jaebum’s smiles reached his eyes as he heard that and he waited for him to come back with his coat on and took his hand again and like that they proceeded to go outside.


After a while of walking Jinyoung’s curiosity perked again "So, how far are we going?" "Hmm... not that far" he said not sure how much time it takes to go to the Amusement park of Geungchan and still not willing to tell him the place. Jinyoung rolled his eyes and let himself be dragged by the older all the way.

"Ah, here it is, " he said happily he then walked toward the park not noticing that Jinyoung’s hand slipped out of his and was suddenly aware that they were holding hands all this time.

Jinyoung stopped contemplating the park and looked at his right seeing an embarrassed Jaebum he then looked at his hand too, he blushed after the realisation also hit him and laughed at  Jaebum and held his hand again  The latter stopped him and tightens his grip "let's stay like this" the older still dazed not knowing what to answer only nodded and Jinyoung giggled softly and thought that maybe it's going to be okay.


Actually them holding hands didn't bother him at all, he likes the feeling and the heat of Jinyoung’s soft hand in his and it honestly makes him feel all bubbly inside and he thought that if he could hold his hand forever he’d be the luckiest. After that short moment they continued walking toward the park. Hands clasped together.


As expected, there is no one here at this late hour apart from them so their timing was perfect.

Jaebum didn't like the noise... or just crowded place in general. He chuckled at the thought and said

“Nobody’s here so we have all the rides for us...but will it work?” A smug smile made appeared on Jaebum’s face before asking “What do you think?” Jinyoung raised his eyebrow and implied that he was going to hit that annoying smug smile off Jaebum’s face if he didn’t hurry up. Jaebum laughed at that and told him to not worry.


"So, how do you plan to make it work?" Jaebum hummed softly before saying "Just close your eyes for a bit" The latter complied with his request but not without telling him sassily " Just hurry up! You make me wait too much seriously" “Yeah-yeah” Jaebum rolled his eyes and searched by his eyes an attraction that wouldn’t make too much noise. He finally found the one and quickly walked toward the Ferris's board and touched several buttons before the Ferris started lighting. Jinyoung opened his eyes at the sound of music and gasped before asking “How’d you do that?” Jaebum just shrugged and pulled him closer.


"Jaebum hyung you're the best," he praised, "Yeah, I know, " he answered, still smug "Let’s get in” With Jinyoung’s hand held tightly in his and his beautiful eyes-smile Jaebum thought that it maybe it will work just fine.


They entered the ride and sat next to each other feeling shy being this close to Jaebum in such a small space Jinyoung decided to sit on the other side which was not a good choice because his hyung can easily see him blush or doing weird expressions with his face and it is far more embarrassing

he thought before engaging a conversation to push the awkwardness aside "Well, I'm really happy that you decided to spend your Christmas with me instead of your family... but I do feel bad because you don’t get to see them a lot hyung” he finished. “It’s okay. I'll go pay them a visit soon enough anyway and I have to tell you something…” “Oh what is it?”


Not knowing how to say it, he just kissed him.Jinyoung didn't know how to react so he didn’t kiss back.Jaebum broke the kiss and asked with sad eyes "So.. is that a no?"

Jinyoung finally holding a grasp of the situation smiled and kissed him again "I still don’t understand. Tell me~” he joked.  The older breathed in relief finally saying "I love you Jinyoung... I’ve been in love with you since we were in High School" he stated Jinyoung gasped and said “Really? Me too! How is that I never noticed?”he muttered,  “Well, we were both pretty good at hiding” he chuckled and reached to hold Jinyoung’s hand. The latter was looking at their hands with a fond smile and thought that it couldn't have been better;


After a relaxing silence and staring session they leaned and kissed passionately and laughed softly at how cliché the situation was while breaking the kiss.

Jaebum holds Jinyoung in his arms and whispers sweet nothing that made Jinyoung blushed and hit him softly before laughing at how cheesy his hyung is and he know he wouldn’t want it any other way anyway.

That Christmas with his best(boy)friend was definitely the best.

Wait! They have to go home and eat chicken and then it will be perfect.

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