Forever and Always


There was nothing special about Park YuRi. Almost everything about her was average. She wasn't popular, she barely had any friends. However she was very athletic and smart. Her parents were powerful people and earned a lot of money, which was given to her after they both passed. When younger, other children would get angry with her and claim she was bragging about being rich, that it meant she was snobby, so everyone avoided her. After her last year a middle school she used some of the money to attend a prestigious private school in the city of Seoul. A new school, with new people, and new things. The people that stood out to her most though, were a group of seven boys, all unbelievably handsome, going by the names of Kim NamJoon, Kim SeokJin, Jung Hoseok, Min YoonGi, Kim TaeHyung, Jeon JungKook, and Park JiMin. They were all popular and well known for their ability in the musical arts. They gave performaces two times a month, by popular vote of the whole school. They intrigued YuRi, but she didn't want to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of high school, she just wanted to do her work and finish school in peace, and things were looking to go her way. But honestly, does everything in life go as planned?




I've never really written a fanfiction for other people to read, so don't be too harsh about it XD                                                                                             I hope its not too bad, I'll try to update as much as possible, but I am only a mere mortal, and I am a busy human being.


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YWDA7204 #1
Hwaiting! I've just read the description and it already sound cool