Chapter 1 Introducing......

Sacrifice and Love
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    ring!!!!!!!!! ring!!!!! 

    "Aish..." I remove the pillow from over my head and look over at my alarm clock slamming my hand down trying to find the snooze button. I sigh once it stops and squint my eyes as the sn rays shine through my window. 'It's to damn bright out' I thought. I sit up and remove the heavy, hot and suffocating blanket from my body and quickly crawl over to turn my fan off before I freeze to death. I run my hand through my messy hair and put a hand over my mouth as I yawn. 'gross...' I thought as I smelt my morning breathe and then sluggishly got out of bed adn headed to my bathroom. I the light and walked over to my sink and looked at my self; I chuckled at what a hot mess I look like in the mornings and began to brush my teeth. I hate the fact then when I brush my teeth I have to practically gag myself to death just to clean my tongue. If it wasn't for my dentist always teaching me how to brush every damn time I go It wouldn't even cross my mind; you would think that brushing your teeth would be JUST your teeth... but no! 

     I spit the toothpaste and saliva out then rinsed my mouth out withmouth wash and began to get ready for work. The only good thing about waking up for me is goingto work and being abe to do something that I love... Photography. I don't know why but when I was younger there was times when soemthing special would happen and I wish that I could make it just stay still and look back on it over and over again. Then I found out about camera's and ever since then anything that seemed special to me was something worth takinga photo of. Some take pictures for the beauty of things and then there is peoplelike me that love to cherish those speical moments and memories forever. I am a photographer of a big time magazine here in Seoul and I love it; it pays well and supports me and my sister well so...It's not that bad, besides the annoying people that work there of course. 

    "(Y/N)!!!!!! Get down here or you'll be late for work and I'll be late for school!!!" yelled my sister. 'I know, I know.... Geez..' I sighed and slipped my bag on my shoulder and my camera around my neck swithcing off my light and walked do

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jiinnii #1
Chapter 1: What Song Mino too? A pleasant surprise since Shownu and Mino are my biases! Please update soon, want know what happens next! :)