Pitch perfect


[Harry Potter/Hogwarts AU] Wendy interviews the charming Gryffindor Seeker for an article on the school magazine, Hogwarts Weekly.


a/n: I'm like in the deepest level of seulrene hell but also in the first level of wenseul hell at the same time so I just thought I should try writing a wenseul fic for the first time, and so I did I wish it turned out better tho 

I don't own harry potter. If I did, I certainly wouldn't name Harry's second son 'Albus Severus Potter'


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Chapter 1: Well, read this a week after i read the cursed child, and mcgonagall is really the headmistress! Lol
gkpanda #2
Chapter 1: Read this on the day of HP’s 20th year. A coincidence.

Your storytelling is too good. It made me feel nostalgic. I can imagine everything clearly and I can feel the whole HP vibe in it. Kudos authornim.
Chapter 1: ......why end there omg they need to...do...SOMETHING!!!! At least!?? LOL nevertheless I really really like this platonic-ish seuldy HAHAHA
And damn I love these HP AUs. #nostalgiaaaa
taejellybean #4
Chapter 1: I think I'm a er for Harry Potter AU! Hopefully you can/will write more for Red Velvet (HP crossover) in the future! Honestly, I don't even ship Seuldy (I'm not sure how I ended up here), but for this AU - hehe... I definitely liked those two! :)
P.S: So yeah... maybe even continuation to this? that's just a suggestion of course, hehe! great story! :)
Chapter 1: I always love Harry potter au ><
JoyRi as slytherin are my favorite, also spotted really cheap wenrene in this story lol (i wonder which house Irene belong to)

Charismatic seulgi flying around chasing snitch.... it actually really fun to imagine seulgi like that ^^

Btw, i love smooth kang =)
Thanks for sharing this story, more HP au? Hahaha
Thanks ^^
Chapter 1: I am always in love with rv hp au fics (just like with your "Of prefects and captains" and "Spellbound") Thank you so much!
aicatibog #7
Chapter 1: These stories are just so perfect thank you! And I think I'm starting to developers a thing for Seulgi in a Quidditch uniform hehe
windyheartsnsd #8
Chapter 1: Lol this is lovely lol I love Harry Potter so this is like heaven to me XD Wendy and Seulbear here are tooooo cute lol
And I love all the HP reference lol
And Joyri the evil kids =))) and Bea goddess lol
And James Potter II is is like a tamerJames lol
But this is a one shot so I'm sad now =((
Thank you for the fic lol
Amberlily #9
Chapter 1: Ahh, I always love HP AUs. Yeah, I'm sentimental, too.
Will you write a chapter story about Seuldy in Hogwarts? I'd definitely read it.