Grand mama Choi.

Music in our heart.
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Madame Choi is tall and with her coiffured hairstyle, though it is slightly graying but still beautiful.Her classic dressing shows that she is an educated person.She maybe in her late 70s still healthy though she is a hypertensive patient on daily medication.Her grandson has bought her an apartment in a Geriatric homes community in Hanam for the rich, its a niche nursing home with private personal nurse as a companion.Nurse Kim is leaving and she needs a new nurse replacement, Nurse Park is highly recommended as her new companion.

She is so lucky having TOP as her grandson.Looking at him knowing he is a capable young man and still single, worries  her. He has not met anyone and still remain single.She knows being in the limelight, her grandson will never be able to find a love that is honest and sincere.She has arrange to find someone who would be suitable to be her granddaughter in-law.

Today is the day for her to interview a nurse.Looking at the door as it open, Madame Choi saw a tall slim girl in a nursing uniform walk in.Her hair was in a bun with her cap and uniform was spotless white.Nurse Park is lightly makeup seems so natural and her light pink lipstick looks just like a gloss.She smiled at Madame Choi and bow 90 degrees at the regal looking woman.Madame Choi was so happy seeing a very well brought up young lady, she looks like in her early 20s but her resume shows that she is twenty eight years old .A double degree graduate nurse with specialise in Geriatric Nursing and nutritionist.She did a diploma in culinary and hospitality, so practically she is well prepared.Madame Choi is so satisfied after the interview.She made her decision and Nurse Kim will be guiding her for a week before she leave for her new life as a married woman. 

Grandma Choi called her grandson and asked if he wants to interview the new nurse ..Seung Hyun told her that he would be busy with his tour and he trusted grand mama have made a good choice.

Satisfied, grandmama smile with a glint in her eyes...The phone conversation with Seunghyun made her so happy .~now the plan..........


Nurse Park ...Sheann Park 


I met my new employer, regal looking ,Madame Choi .I would be her companion and attending her daily needs.I knew this job would be a bit different because I will be interacting and answerable to her grandson the famous rapper from the group Big Bang.I know this group but I did not follow Korean music scene.Looking forward to her new job that she will be able to used what she has learned.

Grandma Choi insisted me to call her 'Halmeoni' instead of 'Seongsaengnim', she told me that she treats me like her own grand daughter.

We discussed monthly menu. Halmeoni asked me to wear regular clothing as she felt uniform is too intimidating.We stayed in her apartment and during weekends a car will be send to fetch us to her grandson home. We will stay for 2 nights when he is around or go for trips when he decide to spend time with his grandmother.I am to accompan

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