Is this my dream?

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I am Hyacinth Park...

I will never believe that I would meet someone like him.

This is my story....

I met him Kwon Jiyong..

A fashion icon, a talented song writer, a producer, a rapper

among other things...

Well Of course I must mentioned his famous group Big Bang 빅뱅

All his group member..

TOP.Taeyang,Daesung & last but not least Seungri.




A/N ~

This a story of my latest craze GDragon...

I may not know him.

I know him through asianfanfics..

In general I know him from his fans.

Media coverage , youtube videos and entertainment tabloids.

I am writing on general observation and what would I think men is hahahaha

Its an OC base on my ultimate bias SinHyePark Hyacinth Park..



This is not a shipper story .Its just me dreaming of writing a story of my biases with different light..It is purely fiction.

Please excuse me of my poor English.


I fall in love with GD since I started reading his fanfic here...

Thanks to the other authors,I started to follow him in Ig and Twitter..

I watch his V App and all his video in Youtube...

He does gave everyone a bad boy image with his tattoo & media coverage.

I think he is a lover boy and not a philanderer...

I got a young boy in a late twenties body.

He could be totally different than what we were lead to believe..

Well that is the feel, I got from him.

I would say this though he is really the type of guy I would fall for.

His charms, his talents is like fireworks, I could sit for hours just looking at him talking ...

Kwon Ji Yong(Jiyong,GD) 32 years old.Post military.


Well Hyacinth is a flower name and I got her character from my fave Korean actress.

She is Park Shin Hye..Hye Shin Park backward to make an oc with Hyacinth Park.

I met her once at  a fan meeting 2014 @ Bangkok Story of Angel FM

This young lady is beautiful in real life, with height just above average Asian.

 A slim person,natural beauty and quiet but warms up as you get to know her.

She has this goody two shoe image ,sugar and spice and everything nice,

a sporty and a friendly vibes.

Anyway Hyacinth is not an actress..She is into designing, an artist. 

Park Shin Hye as Hyacinth Park. 30 years old.

An  Architect  in a firm Park & Park Architecture firm.

the firm she co owned with her friend Sandara Park.

She also prepares stage design and lightings, up to preparation of wedding banquets.

She did a stint in theatre while in University.She decided to minor in stage & lighting

designs.Graduated Master degree in Achitectural Engineering.

University of Cambridge.United Kingdom.


Meaning & Symbolism of Hyacinth

Shop for Hyacinth

Legend has it the origin of hyacinth, the highly fragrant, bell-shaped flower, can be traced back to a young Greek boy named Hyakinthos. As the story goes, two gods – Apollo the sun god, and Zephyr the god of the west wind – adored Hyakinthos and competed for his attention. One day, while Apollo was teaching Hyakinthos the art of throwing a discus, Zephyr, in a jealous rage, blew the discus back, killing Hyakinthos with a strike to the head. Apollo named the flower that grew from Hyakinthos's blood hyacinth.

Symbolizing sport or play in the language of flowers, hyacinth represent constancy, while blue hyacinth expresses sincerity.


supporting characters..

Choi Seung Hyun(TOP),Sandara Park,Faith Lee.

Youngbae Dong aka Taeyang.Daesung Kang,Seunghyun Lee aka Seungri

Brooke Park,Mandy Gong & Hyorin Min


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