The Demon


in which Krystal dreams of a person for the first time in her life
she has never seen that person.
but some how she hopes its fake.


this my first amber and krystal fan fic

also hope you enjoy

and its a random idea for a story i had  class

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Chapter 6: I know the moment you're going through is painful, just a 3 weeks ago I could stop feeling the depression, I do not say that I have overcome because it is not... I know what it feels like your family does not believe you , my parents told me how I was going to have depression... 1 year ago my best friend committed suicide, missing two days for the day of love and friendship, was a very hard blow for me... I started missing school, did not deliver tasks and even I fight with a boy older than me for three Years, I felt bad, without strength, had thought of suicide why? I do not know, so I give you a tip as a friend and reader, when you feel sad because of the depression... writes... Not a story if not a song, not a person, if not the same depression, write to her... to the same depression what you feel...

I hope this can help you, wholeheartedly Sam
ashrius #2
Chapter 6: Hello author-nim. I'm sorry to hear that you've been going through such a rough time. That psychologist didn't sound professional or helpful. There are better psychologists out there that will be able to help. Please continue to find help and support. Don't give up!
Chapter 6: I've just found this story today, this is so interesting.
so sad you're not going to write anymore but your health is the most important. Take care authornim and don't forget to be happy :)
123123123123 #4
Chapter 5: omg poor sunyoung ((cryyyy
pls updateeeeeee!!!
Sina_neiyz #5
Chapter 5: Woaaaaa..... pls take care urself n be careful... anyway, thanks for the update.. its not boring... its needed... lil bit info about amber is not harmful..
Sina_neiyz #6
Chapter 4: Next plssss
Chapter 4: Ohhhh.... Im super excited now for the update and I wonder who's the guy

Your totally right Lil Llama if soojung is happy then we should be happy for her although it hurts we need to see Soojung happy.
And I ship Kaisoo too. Hehehe

I know you did *wink* hahaha.
Chapter 3: your story is asdfghjawesomezxcbnm ! (」゚ロ゚)」
GEoRuth #9
Chapter 4: Not a preview. Oh...
Chapter 3: Ahhhh..... Im really curious if Amber is just a demon that only exist on Krystal dream or maybe those dreams about Amber were true. This really make me to wonder a lot and I also like to know what Krystal dreams means. I hope sulli finish reading the book. Hehehe

It's Okay Author-ssi I truly understand and study and personal stuff is much more important ^__^.

I also want to know what turned upside down for krystal in her dream and Yeah I also want to know what demons do and who is actually the mysterious guy demon that Amber talk to? Wland What was Amber is talking with N?? Hmmmm...... lots of mystery and another great update.

I wonder who is your Unnie too she has a great dongsaeng like you who's fabulous *wink* ??? Hehehe