Noisy Thoughts


Irene moves in to her new apartment, where she meets her interesting roommate. 



Credit goes out to the owners of those pictures (used in the cover). 

And yes, it's a chapter story. 


Fan Works made by amazing people. I really do appreciate it; you're all incredible. These were supposed to be posted in a separate chapter called "Hall of Fame" at the very end of this story, but I couldn't wait that long. So here they are.

Thank you!

By Maomao-


By @seulwans


By @taengyaa


Original song written and sung by @sluggiesapple

To Wendy (Noisy Thoughts)

By @ironbunneh


By @afangirlmess

Selected music tracks for Noisy Thoughts by @FourEyedBear (which I now write to):

NT Soundtrack 1

With certain songs representing pairs and individuals as chosen by FourEyedBear here:

  1. Car Radio - twenty one pilots (Wendy's Theme)
  2. Sacred Heart - The Civil Wars (Seulgi's Theme)
  3. Look After You - The Fray (Irene's Theme)
  4. 241 (My Favorite Song) - Rivermaya (Joy's Theme)
  5. Goodnight Moon - Go Radio (WenRene's Theme)
  6. Why I'm Home - Go Radio (Seuldy's/Wenseul's Theme)
  7. The Last Something That Meant Anything - Mayday Parade (Yerene's Theme)
  8. This Photograph is Proof (Taking Back Sunday) - Taking Back Sunday (JoyGi's Theme)
  9. The Scientist - Coldplay (Yeri's Theme)

NT Soundtrack 2

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Seadrik #1
Chapter 14: It took me 4 days to finish/catch up to this (whilst balancing school, life and other stuff) and I have to say that it was excruciating not to go down to the comments and either curse you or praise you at any given time (mostly because I didn't want jump to conclusions or see spoilers). I can shamefully say I cried, laughed and punched many walls whilst reading this. I especially loved this story because it didn't sugarcoat romance. Yeri still loves Irene but Irene moved on. Yeri is a good person and their relationship was beautiful but they still broke up. Joohyun didn't have to fight of gangsters and get cheesily nursed by seungwan. They both respectively made up their minds while still caring for their old lovers. Their were no obvious good guys or bad guys in you story because that's not how real life works. I absolutely love the character development. I must say that as of now Joy is my favourite part of this story because all of her emotions are so relatable. This is getting way too long now so I'm gonna stop before I start crying. I can't wait till your next update.
Chapter 14: Oh my God, this is a long appreciated chapter!

I like how Wendy is courageous enough to let Irene talk with Yeri, finishing their problems and questions. And how Wendy projects her problem on Irene's case. They both on the same boat, one is firm enough and one finally choose after struggling it out by herself.

And Joyyyy, Joy oh Joyyy. She is very very caring towards Seulgi and her friends, I am somehow enchanted with Joy's character here (already from previous chapter actually).

Yeri, you describe it very well on how Yeri contemplated and insecure. How she could actually contacted Joohyun but her insecurity got her.

As for Seulgi, she needs to let go of the bad memory (Wendy's accident). And why she teased Joy like that, tsk tsk tsk, miss Kang, you're so smooth.

And Irene-sama, my love, my universe, omg you got me blushed at the ending part. Agskdkkahsjsjajakskskskksksksksks I better not commenting about that, here. >///<

Overall, always a great chapter from you!
Scarletstring <3333333
Chapter 8: hi there, i am a new reader to this fic and i originally wanted to wait till i finished reading till i am “up to date” befor commenting but i just cant wait.

just wanna say i love this story a lot and wanted to say thank you for letting me feel so much emotions “to the point i actually jumped when wendy screamed and cried when seulgi cried” -call me dramatic lol

i cant thank you enough for this gift. really thank you.
doreamen2200 #4
Authornim your story was really great! I'm really stuck in.. whole day was keep recalling the story line... Can't wait for your new updates! Fighting
vitoriafranca #5
Chapter 14: I can't believe in myself for just read this cap today.
loner_moon #6
i reread this ff and almost cried
emotions got over me because noisy thoughts ruined me lol.
i remember how painful it was to read this story because it was too angsty for my fluffy heart.
now im just thinking that this fanfic would end and i have to say goodbye to them makes me a little sad because i have this certain attachment to them rn.
maybe its not time yet, seeing how joygi went idk.
but i still have to say that this is the best piece of writing i have ever read, im so glad you wrote it author, im so glad that you are here.
now if you don't mind i'll just crawl to a corner and cry.
Chapter 13: I forgot if I have commented on this chapter or not, but there's no harm in commenting more.

I really adore Joohyun's character here (and real life Bae Joohyun as well), she knows what her heart wants and she go for it. And Joy is really a tsundere, JoyGi scene got my heart break a little, and YeRene scene also, where Yeri finally pour her hearts out.

This line somehow get me,

"I'm going to fight for us, Yerim. Even if it isn't here anymore."

All in all, great works as usual. Pardon me for just commenting on this chapter and haven't read the latest one. :'D
Chapter 8: I came here for wenrene but instead I ended shipping seuldy and yerene..your writing is amazing. Keep up the good work!
sannielizabeth #9
Thank you for this amazing story and for your consideration and hardwork
Kriase #10
Chapter 14: Ive been waiting for so long for an update. As usual, this is amazing.