Don't Hurt My Heart, Stranger


She stared out of the window, watching the rain silently with a polaroid photo in her hand. The other girls outside the room observed her with sadness eyes. It had been a year she act like that.

“She didn’t eat last night.” Sigh the woman. The taller man rub her back.

“She will eat with us this morning. She said that she didn’t want to make us worry right?” Said the taller man reassure the shorter woman.

“But she always like this Yoong. I’m so worried.” Said the shorter girl and snuggled to Yoong. Yoong sigh.

“Just trust me okay Fany? She will join us later. She only need some time alone. I’ll be waiting downstair.” Said Yoong and kiss Tiffany’s forehead. Tiffany look at her husband and turn her head to saw her bestfriend.

“How long she will be like that?” a single tears come out from Tiffany’s eyes.

“Taeng..” Tiffany sobs quietly when she saw Jessica whimper and holding the picture tightly.


This is my second story here kekeke and this is about Taengsic!! XD i hope you like it ^^ oh and this is gender bender ^^

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sequel author
Chapter 19: Numbers 1 best taesic Story EVER i always read sad taesic so this is the BEST
blackwolfrebellion #3
Chapter 19: The best TaeSic story I ever read!!! Sequel!!! Sequel!!! Sequel!!! XD
Chapter 19: I cried TT^TT your fic stole my heart
Chapter 19: love the story so much~
EMT0304 #6
Chapter 19: Lovely endings. thanks
EMT0304 #7
yes, fighting!
Woahhh! Taeng ! You are a good appa. Why? Because you can survive on surgery. Thanks fr the update !
lolli_pop #9
what happen next O_O
EMT0304 #10
I think Yul take the shot for Taeng and his father because he stay with them for 23 yrs