Noblesse Dans L'amour

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A story about a Royalty who fell in love with a Commoner. But in a Noble's world, there’s no such thing as go-and-find-your-true-love, coz your fate has been decided the moment you were born. What will happen to their love? Will it turn out to be like Prince William and Kate Middleton’s love story? Or will this be another tragedy of the heart?


Neophyte here! Sorry if I can’t really write a good story. I just want to write a Chaera Fic. English is not my first language so please bear with my errors. This is my first story here on AFF. Hope you'll enjoy this story Noblesse Dans L'amour (Nobles in Love). Kamsahamnida!


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Lynn21 #1
Chapter 5: hope you will update this story very soon +.+
mikichow11 #2
Author, friendly reminder.... dont forget this^^
Lynn21 #3
Chapter 5: Please update soon authornim!
mikichow11 #4
Hope to can continue this story auThor, I begging you
Snsdxxi #5
Chapter 5: When are you going to admit that you love her dara ?
che21lo15 #6
Chapter 5: So sad chapter...pls update soon
mikichow11 #7
Chapter 5: I love it, pls update more.....
kristine_gzb #8
Chapter 5: Please update more soon.
Lynn21 #9
Chapter 5: Hope you will update again soon!